Sibling Chatter


Boston: “Pierce, don’t go in the water, it’s not ours.

Pierce: “Aaaaahhhh!!”

Boston: “Pierce, the people will yell at us!”

Pierce: “Baaaa!!”

Boston: “Pierce, are you listening to me?!?!”

Pierce: “Aeee!”

Boston: “Pierce, you need to listen.”

Pierce: “Ooooh!!”

Boston (shaking head): “That Pierce.” 🙂

46 thoughts on “Sibling Chatter

    1. She loves it even more! I cannot put a pair of pants on her anymore. Dresses alone it is, and the princess ones never seem to come off–they even find themselves as pajamas. 🙂


  1. LOVE! Kiddo conversations are the best. 🙂 I only have my one, but I love overhearing the conversations she has with her friends. The other day she was comparing her Hello Kitty lunch box to her friend’s cupcake lunch box and it was the cutest thing I’ve ever heard.


    1. Yes, Keri, it is definitely worth having two just to listen to their banter! I cannot imagine how fun it will be when Pierce is actually speaking in real words. 🙂


    1. Yes, she is definitely little miss mommy around here! Before you know it you too will be having the greatest time sitting back and listening to all the creative things your gang starts making up! 🙂


    1. Rochelle, they fight like crazy these days! Then, these kind of moments happen and your heart sighs. There is nothing so sweet as sibling love. 🙂


  2. The phrase “… don’t go into the water, it’s not ours” made me smile – and then contemplate the idea of possession, nature, and, well… I nerded out. She’s pretty deep (water pun intended).


    1. Haha, I love the way you go to the deeper issues of life! Who knows, she surprises me with her own mind: she was probably thinking the same as you. 🙂


      1. Perhaps! The song from “Pocahontas” started as if on cue after I responded to your blog… “you think you own whatever land you land on…” Yep, there it is again.


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