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7 Things This Mom Wants Most for Christmas

You did not wish to share the lollipop. You each wanted it all to yourself, to enjoy every moment, to savor to the last drop. And as I watched you trying so patiently to wait for a taste of the treasure, I was suddenly left a bit numb. For I realized I don’t want to… Continue reading 7 Things This Mom Wants Most for Christmas

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Losing My Breath

Pierce had a seizure Sunday night. He fell face first into the bathtub when it began. My husband was reading a book to him, so concentrated on making the story exciting he did not notice him topple over. 5, 10 seconds in the water? Enough to bring terrors I had never known. . .

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Grasping at Moments

Pierce had a seizure this morning. Of all places to be, we were sitting with his pediatrician for his well check up. I had no idea he had even the slightest temperature. He was acting very sleepy, his head resting on my chest. Suddenly, he flung back, his eyes rolled, and his body began jerking uncontrollably.… Continue reading Grasping at Moments


Sibling Chatter

Boston: “Pierce, don’t go in the water, it’s not ours. Pierce: “Aaaaahhhh!!” Boston: “Pierce, the people will yell at us!” Pierce: “Baaaa!!” Boston: “Pierce, are you listening to me?!?!” Pierce: “Aeee!” Boston: “Pierce, you need to listen.” Pierce: “Ooooh!!” Boston (shaking head): “That Pierce.” 🙂

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Dads: the Unsung Heros

Katie’s dad was a tough man, never showing affection, never saying “I love you.” Katie tried hard to win his favor but to no avail. In middle school, she was given her first make up kit. Beyond excited, she dabbed a little here and a little there. She was now beautiful, she just knew it.… Continue reading Dads: the Unsung Heros


Motherhood Defined

A sick little boy, a middle of the night trip to the ER, days of tears, snot, and coughing. THEN. . .  This sweet little boy hears his sister goofing around on her harmonica and begins to clap and dance as they squeal with laughter together. Suddenly, this mom forgets all about the sleepless nights… Continue reading Motherhood Defined

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At What Moment Am I No Longer the Hero?

I cannot leave a room without the sound of your little feet following close behind. You are not requiring me to hold you, play with you, or even acknowledge your presence. You simply just want to be wherever I am. From room to room we travel as one, and if ever I try to sneak… Continue reading At What Moment Am I No Longer the Hero?