Dirty Public Potties

We were at the grocery store yesterday when Boston told me she had to use the bathroom. I wan’t surprised. She always has to use the public restroom. I think she has some┬ásort of fascination with the things, needing to experience each and every one of them. Show me a place we have been and… Continue reading Dirty Public Potties

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Poop on the Kitchen Counter

I jumped out of my super speed shower to peek in on the kids. I didn’t have my contacts in but I squinted hard to see them both sitting on the living room chair, reading books. I beamed. “Hi guys, I’m going to quick put my makeup on, okay?” “Okay, mom!” they smiled back. I… Continue reading Poop on the Kitchen Counter


8 Games Every Mom Needs to Play TODAY

From one momma to another–I understand. This day in and day out parenting thing can be a challenge, a clawing for simple survival sometimes. We’re all in this together though, and so here I am today, ready to share with you my secrets to a thriving momma. Some may consider these to be “kids’ games,”… Continue reading 8 Games Every Mom Needs to Play TODAY