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You’re Doing a Good Job Mom

“My head hangs lower and I begin to cry. I need to try harder, to be more disciplined, more structured. I somehow need to find more energy. This coffee isn’t cutting it anymore. I am tired. I am spent. I am a failure and the day is only half through. The tears begin to flow faster.

Then, I stop to look around. . .”


Two is Better Than One

We have been trying really hard to get Pierce to say his sister’s name. “Boston, Boston, Boston,” she and I chant over and over again. I know he could say it, he simply chooses not to. He does have a name for her though, and I suppose it is quite fitting. “Come MOMMA!” he excitedly shouts… Continue reading Two is Better Than One


Sibling Chatter

Boston: “Pierce, don’t go in the water, it’s not ours. Pierce: “Aaaaahhhh!!” Boston: “Pierce, the people will yell at us!” Pierce: “Baaaa!!” Boston: “Pierce, are you listening to me?!?!” Pierce: “Aeee!” Boston: “Pierce, you need to listen.” Pierce: “Ooooh!!” Boston (shaking head): “That Pierce.” 🙂