Sibling Chatter

Boston: “Pierce, don’t go in the water, it’s not ours. Pierce: “Aaaaahhhh!!” Boston: “Pierce, the people will yell at us!” Pierce: “Baaaa!!” Boston: “Pierce, are you listening to me?!?!” Pierce: “Aeee!” Boston: “Pierce, you need to listen.” Pierce: “Ooooh!!” Boston (shaking head): “That Pierce.” 🙂

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2 Things NOT to Say to the Pregnant Woman!

I was with an unnamed relative at the park when we struck up a conversation with one of the moms there. She was definitely pregnant and told us she had five weeks to go. This is how the following conversation proceeded: My unnamed relative: “Oh, wow, five more weeks! I thought you were due any… Continue reading 2 Things NOT to Say to the Pregnant Woman!


Motherhood Defined

A sick little boy, a middle of the night trip to the ER, days of tears, snot, and coughing. THEN. . .  This sweet little boy hears his sister goofing around on her harmonica and begins to clap and dance as they squeal with laughter together. Suddenly, this mom forgets all about the sleepless nights… Continue reading Motherhood Defined