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Life is Fragile; Handle With Care

IMG_0185Last year, only three weeks before my son was born, my aunt lost her baby girl, born stillborn.

Life is fragile. . .

My daughter is screaming at the top of her lungs in the middle of the nice restaurant.

She has lungs to scream, and so this day, I am thankful.

I discover my son playing in the contents of the trash he spilled over a few moments ago, coffee grounds spread across the kitchen floor.

My son has legs to walk and arms to pull things down. I am grateful for spilled trash.

I find myself complaining about the endless work, the sleepless nights, the temper tantrums and crayon covered walls. My children are alive, with full mobility, and good health. They are with me another morning, smiling, laughing, breathing–they are breathing.

It becomes all too easy to take the days for granted, to complain about the difficult ones. Are they really all so hard? How many would look on my “difficult” moments and wish with everything in them to take it in place of their lot?

IMG_0167My aunt did not lose hope. In the middle of pain I cannot even begin to grasp, she reached out and began a charity toΒ help other grieving parents.

Last week I discovered she is soon to have a baby boy. I wept. I cried with more joy than I thought possible.

Today, I apologize for each time I took my miracles for granted. For every moment I wished for a little space or threw my hands up in exasperation. My babies are mine to hold, today, tomorrow, and for as many as they allow before finally pushing me away.

I will live in the moment, whether it is a sweet cuddle or a screaming toddler,Β with a grateful soul.


39 thoughts on “Life is Fragile; Handle With Care

    1. I am so glad you found a little encouragement! Sometimes, when it suddenly becomes a I want to pull out all my hair and scream kind of moment, I take a minute to reflect on this. It’s crazy how quickly it puts things back into perspective!

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    1. I can only imagine the pain. I am so glad you pressed through, I do not think I could have continued. Thank you for sharing this! I know there are four little sweethearts smiling on you today!

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      1. It was difficult, but so worth the struggle, once I was able to have my two wonderful boys. I know someday that I will finally meet the four angels that came before them who made me a better mom, because of them! Best wishes to your aunt!

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  1. This is the first piece I read when I woke up..the sun is shining and my baby is awake gurgling and smiling, the little things we so often take for granted. Life is fragile, you are right and we shouldn’t take the little things for granted. Thank you for making me take a moment this morning to notice these little things and be grateful.


    1. Yes, a strong and healthy boy! Her sweet girl has taught us hundreds of lessons and I know she looks down upon her mom with pride.


  2. Your aunt is a pretty amazing lady! I admire her so much! This is a great blog post, something we should all think about, especially during our tough times. And I’m so excited for their baby boy, and that they never gave up hope!


  3. With 3 girls under the age of 2 there are more than a few days when I want to either pull my hair out or go on a nice long kid free vacation, this post is a great reminder of how precious even the most frustrating moments truly are. Thanks for sharing it. I think I’m going to use the title on our quote chalkboard for a visual reminder during those rougher moments πŸ™‚


    1. Oh, I am so glad you were able to find some encouragement from it! Yes, even I have days I need to post it on the chalkboard!


  4. Oh, I so needed to read this post today. So lovely. The past couple of weeks have been tough with crying/tantrums/etc., but you are right, we are so fortunate to have these moments and every other moment with our children.


  5. Sasha, am so happy for your aunt! Besides, we are truly blessed to have noisy houses, food all spilled over, undone wardrobes, dirty dishes in the sink and…and sticky saliva on our smells heavenly.


  6. How did I ever miss this one? Beautiful–and such a good reminder. I literally can’t hear it enough. So sorry about your lost niece. And so thankful to hear of this new little boy Vance. πŸ™‚


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