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The Sweetest Aches of Life

My sweet boy was sick. Only 30 minutes into his night rest he awoke crying. I placed him on my chest and we laid in my bed together . After quite some time of restlessness, he finally found sleep again. I carefully laid him back in his crib and stretched my limbs in relief. Shortly… Continue reading The Sweetest Aches of Life

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In This Moment

Life has hit me wrong, left me hurting. The pain seems more than I can bear right now. I enter your room and am immediately met with four little feet charging straight ahead, nearly knocking me over in embrace. “Mommy! Mommy!” you squeal. Here with you, in this moment, the pain somehow fades to sweet… Continue reading In This Moment


Rebelling Against the Busy, iPhone-y Way of Living

Life: it seems it has become a race car way of living. We go from this place to that, run this errand and that one, this project, this job, this volunteer stop, this function, this class, this sporting event. . . Even in the moments of actually sitting, my children are playing, and there I… Continue reading Rebelling Against the Busy, iPhone-y Way of Living

Inspirational · Real and Raw

Life is Fragile; Handle With Care

Last year, only three weeks before my son was born, my aunt lost her baby girl, born stillborn. Life is fragile. . . My daughter is screaming at the top of her lungs in the middle of the nice restaurant. She has lungs to scream, and so this day, I am thankful. I discover my… Continue reading Life is Fragile; Handle With Care

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Calorie Free Cupcakes

My dear girl, how I marvel in the way you eat a cupcake, slowly relishing each bite. There are no calories and fat to be calculated, no grams of sugar giving you pause; only true sweetness is to be found. It is how you live each day, fully present in each moment. From baking cupcakes… Continue reading Calorie Free Cupcakes