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Losing My Breath

Pierce had a seizure Sunday night. He fell face first into the bathtub when it began. My husband was reading a book to him, so concentrated on making the story exciting he did not notice him topple over. 5, 10 seconds in the water? Enough to bring terrors I had never known. . .

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My First World Problems

She was our waitress, the kindest waitress you will ever meet. She interacted with my little guy for a while and then turned to me, “My son is eight. . . He is still living in the Philipines with my parents.” I realized in that moment the utter triviality of my “First World Problems.” We spoke… Continue reading My First World Problems

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Life is Fragile; Handle With Care

Last year, only three weeks before my son was born, my aunt lost her baby girl, born stillborn. Life is fragile. . . My daughter is screaming at the top of her lungs in the middle of the nice restaurant. She has lungs to scream, and so this day, I am thankful. I discover my… Continue reading Life is Fragile; Handle With Care