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Pockets of Light

Today they shut down all of Los Angeles schools due to a bomb threat. I don’t live in LA, but I am not all too far separated from it. And as I read about the threats this morning I felt that darkness creeping in. That engulfing darkness…   When I first started taking photos of… Continue reading Pockets of Light

Real and Raw

Ugly Sickness

Last Friday, my daughter had two, out of four needed immunizations. It was an awful experience. After the first one she grabbed onto me with such force her fingers turned white. “Don’t let him do that to me again, momma!” she frantically cried. It was so excruciating having to watch her in such terror that… Continue reading Ugly Sickness

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But Grace

We were having friends over to the pool, and I was running like a mad woman trying to make it look like our place was always this spotless. Except, my mad woman skills kept being interrupted by fighting and whining and clinging–all morning long. I felt I was reaching my end when one last fight… Continue reading But Grace

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And I Saw Handsome

To my son, I watch as you strut around the house in those little basketball underwear, proudly showing off that rounded belly and chubby legs. I know that someday soon that belly will grow tight with abs, those legs long and lean. You will style your hair, wear the designer clothes. You will look good,… Continue reading And I Saw Handsome

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Get Naked

To my daughter, Someday you will meet the man of your dreams. You will get married, and have lots of fun. You will leave the lights on in the night hours, confidently walking before him. You will strut and you will stride, knowing you are beautiful. Because you are his bride. He chose you, and there… Continue reading Get Naked

Real and Raw

Why Have I Been Writing So Much?!

For all of you who have been following me for a while, you know that this sudden spurt in writing is unusual. I had only been blogging about once a week, and now it is suddenly becoming a Monday though Friday thing? What happened?? Well, first I burned out. And I was actually about to… Continue reading Why Have I Been Writing So Much?!

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Just Breathe

He told me he was “momma’s baby.” He snuggled up tight in my lap and drank his milk. After he drank it all, we simply cuddled for a long time more, him cradled in my arms, responding to his sister’s requests of play with his simple phrase, “I momma’s baby.” I soaked it in. I breathed him… Continue reading Just Breathe