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Calorie Free Cupcakes


My dear girl, how I marvel in the way you eat a cupcake, slowly relishing each bite. There are no calories and fat to be calculated, no grams of sugar giving you pause; only true sweetness is to be found.

It is how you live each day, fully present in each moment.


From baking cupcakes for first time to relishing the rare treat, your pure delight brings me to question:

At what point did the simple things of life lose their thrill on me? When did such a word as “mundane” enter my vocabulary?

You have taught me once again to see the wonder in everyday life. To feel the magic in the seemingly small and insignificant details.

It’s okay to slow down, to not always feel the drive to grab life by the horns. Beauty is forever present, if only I just stop to notice.

Thank you sweet girl, for teaching me: Life is meant to be filled with moments of simply breathing, and then sitting back in awe of that very breathe.


5 thoughts on “Calorie Free Cupcakes

  1. This is so beautifully written and you chose the perfect pictures for it! I love how you transitioned into the new insight she provided you coupled with the picture of the sun breaking through the trees. Very artistic.


    1. Yes, they really do!! There wonder and excitement has taught me to really see the beauty all around us each day. 🙂


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