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One Word to Breathe

One word. What if you had one word to finish out this year? One word to obtain. What would yours be? My word: Content. To be content in the day to day, moment to moment living. To be content in breathing, in listening to my sweet babies breathing. Content to watch the sun set upon my beautiful life,… Continue reading One Word to Breathe

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Dollars and Pounds

My daughter stood on the scale and loudly proclaimed, “I weigh 20 dollars!” “Wow, 20 dollars!” I exclaimed back. “Yes, I am a big girl!” she beamed, and with this, strutted off to tackle her next adventure in toddlerhood. At what point does the scale change from proclaiming “dollar signs” to actual ugly pounds? When do… Continue reading Dollars and Pounds

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Bindi Irwin, Please Fight For My Daughter

Miley Cyrus became the talk of America for her “twerking”” at the MTV awards last year. I did not watch the show, and yet have seen the oh so famous jig, simply because of the in your face, everywhere publicity it immediately gained. The more provocative, the more attention you will win it seems. I recently read… Continue reading Bindi Irwin, Please Fight For My Daughter

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Fighting the Beauty Epidemic for Our Daughters

She showed up at our place around Christmas. A gift from a relative for my two year old daughter, who at the time gave her little interest. This past month she was rediscovered in a pile of toys and suddenly became the “mommy” to go along with our “dad.” I was recruited to play along, and… Continue reading Fighting the Beauty Epidemic for Our Daughters

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Calorie Free Cupcakes

My dear girl, how I marvel in the way you eat a cupcake, slowly relishing each bite. There are no calories and fat to be calculated, no grams of sugar giving you pause; only true sweetness is to be found. It is how you live each day, fully present in each moment. From baking cupcakes… Continue reading Calorie Free Cupcakes

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True Beauty

“Boston, do you know you are beautiful?” I ask. “Yes!” she boldly responds. “Boston, do you want to wear to wear your pink tennis shoes today?” I ask. “Yes!” she enthusiastically replies, “The teacher will tell me, ‘You look so cute!’” “Mom, look at me!” she exclaims, while proudly waltzing about in her dress up… Continue reading True Beauty