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The Life of the 2nd Born


My sweet Pierce, I cannot believe you turn one today. I will admit there were times during my pregnancy I wondered if I would truly love you as much as your sister. I cared for Boston more than life itself. Could I really have such a bond for this second being growing inside me?

. . . and then I saw your face.


You were my second born, yet kindled a love so intense I had to remind myself to breathe.

I still stopped everything to gaze at your lovely face studying mine. I still cried when the mean lady gave you those awful shots. I still checked on your breathing a million times each night.

My heart soars every time you come to me with your sweet hug. Your love brings me to pieces.


I will admit, however, a piece of me mourns today.

You, my precious baby, are becoming a toddler, who will soon grow into a little boy, an  adolescent, an adult. You will no longer cry when I leave the room, or shower me with cuddles and kisses before bedtime. Soon you will be holding your own precious child and I will begin to grow gray.

Today, I rejoice in your birth and the joy you are to me. Today, I remember not to take these times for granted, even though at moments they are challenging. Today, we will laugh and play as you taste your first bite of sweet cake. Today, I will cuddle you extra tight and relish each and every moment of you.

I love you beyond reason my second born child. You, Pierce, complete my world.



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