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When Passion Goes Both Ways

I set up the camera on the tripod and we had fun taking some photos together. I did it for them. To give them some memories of us together when they are older. To remember that mom was there too. It was later that day, when I finally uploaded them onto my computer and saw them in front of… Continue reading When Passion Goes Both Ways

Our Kids

Let’s Talk About Poop

“Pierce, do you want to come see my poopoo?” “Yes!” he happily responds to his sister as they both dash off to the bathroom. After an examination of the stuff and an exclamation of its size, one of them flushes it down into the mysterious drain. “Bye-bye poopoo!” They sing over and over again, hands… Continue reading Let’s Talk About Poop

Our Kids

Crumpled Flower Petals

We were at the park yesterday until after the sun had set. The temperature quickly dropped much cooler than our shorts and t-shirts could keep up with. Just as I was about to give the “five more minutes” announcement, my daughter belly flopped off the swing, leaving a large bloody knee and a cry like… Continue reading Crumpled Flower Petals