This Is Being Mom

Being mom. It’s not glamorous. There isn’t much high heels or pedicures going on. To simply have polish on your toes is in fact quite the accomplishment. There are late nights, that is for sure. And middle of the nights as well. And early mornings, and long afternoons. There is lots of coffee and finding cheerios… Continue reading This Is Being Mom

Real and Raw

Dear Husband, I Still Love You

Dear husband, I’ve been busy. You’ve been busy. Kids and work have taken over our lives. It has become the normal it seems: this daily hustle, this forever busyness. These few scattered words spoken to each other in between the noise and chaos of it all. Do you remember when we first started dating? College… Continue reading Dear Husband, I Still Love You


They Simply Want You

My daughter and I were having a late lunch. It had been a long night and busy morning, my son was already asleep, and without even realizing it I had zoned out. Twenty minutes later I found myself suddenly snapping back. I looked over and saw my sweet girl happily sitting next to me, using the salt… Continue reading They Simply Want You