They Simply Want You


My daughter and I were having a late lunch. It had been a long night and busy morning, my son was already asleep, and without even realizing it I had zoned out. Twenty minutes later I found myself suddenly snapping back. I looked over and saw my sweet girl happily sitting next to me, using the salt and pepper shakers as her “mommy and daddy.”

My kids are so close in age I do not have one on ones all too often with them. When I do, I try to make them extra special and bonding. This time, however, I had completely ignored my daughter for the entire lunch.

I caught her eye, “I love you so much, Boston.”

She smiled back, “Ya, I know mom.”

I gazed at her little frame, perfectly content. She didn’t care that we weren’t doing anything, saying anything. I was right there with her, and this was enough. My presence was enough.

As moms we often try to “do” so much with our kids. We want them to be educated, confident, prepared. We go, go, go with every new article of parenting advice. We want mother of the year. Not for bragging rights, but to truly know we did all we were supposed to for them. We wish to give them the world…

 I sit folding the laundry, and watch as they bring their toys over to be right next to the pile. I make my way over to the bedroom and those toys immediately follow suit. I transition over to the kitchen and laugh as I see two little ones still on my heels. 

When it really comes down to it all, to them it is not so much about the doing as the simple being—being right there, with you.

You, with all your flaws and failures; shortcomings and mistakes. You, with no makeup and a little extra padding around the skin. You, who lost your patience with them earlier and burned the toast while you were at it. You, who made one too many mistakes to ever come close to that mother of the year…

When they look at your flawed self, all they see is love. And this is everything they need.

They want you, momma. Not because of what you can do, but simply because you are you.

It doesn’t always have to be Disney World. In fact, I think their little hearts find just as much joy playing “Mickey Mouse” at home, as long as it means playing it by your side.

Doing is good, really good. Keep on doing all the wonderful things of life with them. Show them the world and all its beauty. But more than the doing, just be. Be you, with them…

How they love to be with you.

20 thoughts on “They Simply Want You

  1. Sasha,
    What a beautiful message!! I totally needed to hear this today. I love how you said it’s not just about “doing” but about “being.” And at the end of the day, that’s all they really want. Just you.

    Thanks for capturing this so well, and holding it out, so I can see it more clearly. Now I’m going to go enjoy “being” with my girl today.;)

    P.S. the new site is looking amazing!


  2. So true. So many of our happiest times are spent together simply being, as in right now, actually. My little guy is filling up his dump truck with stuffed animals beside me, singing songs that make me smile, content to let me snatch a moment of reading,knowing I’m here for him.


  3. Love it!!! ❤ im one of those mommy who just want to do things i need to slow down and just sit and really enjoy their company and let them enjoy mine, instead of doing activities. As I type this little Kason is hugging my leg and watching sesame street.


    1. How they love to “help” with the chores, which simply makes the task ten times as long! 😉 It really is a precious moment though, when we stop to think about it. 🙂


  4. This is beautifully written – and so very true. So often my kids just want me to sit and hang out with them. It’s about spending time together. After dinner tonight I asked my 5-year-old if she wanted to help me empty the dishwasher. Her answer? “Do I ever!” Zero irony. She just wanted to do something with me. It’s a strong a simple reminder that your presence really is “presents” enough much of the time.


  5. I love the simple, beautiful truth in this. Your message strips down all that the world says is important and highlights the perfect love of just being with your children. I feel these moments when mine crawl into my arms like baby bears just wanting to be held by me. I’m a sucker when they say, “Mommy take care of you.”


  6. Such a lovely message, I totally agree, just ‘being’ with our children is wonderful itself. The time really does fly by so I try and be present with them in each moment we share 🙂


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