He’s Still My Best Friend

Dear Husband, I was twenty one when we were married. When most people are out celebrating their first legal drink, I was enjoying our honeymoon. And although it’s not normally questioned aloud, I hear it often in others’ faces, Why? Why would you marry so young? Weren’t you still supposed to be in the ‘do… Continue reading He’s Still My Best Friend


This Is Being Mom

Being mom. It’s not glamorous. There isn’t much high heels or pedicures going on. To simply have polish on your toes is in fact quite the accomplishment. There are late nights, that is for sure. And middle of the nights as well. And early mornings, and long afternoons. There is lots of coffee and finding cheerios… Continue reading This Is Being Mom


Jimmy Fallon “Hashtag” Humor

We are moms of little ones. Who of us every stays up late enough for that night time humor anymore? Thank goodness for youtube! This is not a new clip, but I just discovered this priceless “Hashtag” video from Jimmy Fallon. LOVE! Start your week out right with a little of this humor! Just make sure… Continue reading Jimmy Fallon “Hashtag” Humor


Towel Heads

I am quickly getting ready in the bathroom, towel still piled on my wet hair. Pierce comes running in with his t-shirt atop his own head. “I momma!” he is beaming. “I momma! I momma!” I am laughing.  I cheer for my little guy. His sister now joins him with a towel of her own… Continue reading Towel Heads


Why Do We Have A Belly Button?

We spent sunset at the beach. Memories of sand and waves and squeals of delight are filling my soul as the three of us enter the front door, my husband staying out to catch up on a little work. I suddenly realize no one has had dinner. I scrounge the fridge. I find a ready made quiche which… Continue reading Why Do We Have A Belly Button?

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Poop on the Kitchen Counter

I jumped out of my super speed shower to peek in on the kids. I didn’t have my contacts in but I squinted hard to see them both sitting on the living room chair, reading books. I beamed. “Hi guys, I’m going to quick put my makeup on, okay?” “Okay, mom!” they smiled back. I… Continue reading Poop on the Kitchen Counter


We Moved to California!

I have woken up each morning for the past two weeks forgetting where I was. ‘Oh yeah, I live in California. No, it wasn’t some dream.’ “Fast” would be an understatement when it came to the whirlwind of events which brought us here. My husband had flown out to interview for the job. He called me… Continue reading We Moved to California!