This Is Being Mom


Being mom. It’s not glamorous. There isn’t much high heels or pedicures going on. To simply have polish on your toes is in fact quite the accomplishment. There are late nights, that is for sure. And middle of the nights as well. And early mornings, and long afternoons.

There is lots of coffee and finding cheerios in your coffee. And finding cheerios in your shoes. And kisses and hugs and screaming and yelling. And your favorite place to go sometimes is mommy “timeout” because here you can actually breathe. Except you can’t really go to that place. Because while you are there they will seize the moment to do anything they are not supposed to.

You do so much laundry that you often wonder what it would be like to live in a nudist colony. Dishes forever pile the sink because your family N.E.V.E.R. stops eating. And sometimes you throw your hands up in despair at the forever building disaster.

But those little disasters mean you are mom. And so you break your back once more, picking up the scattered toys.


You kiss so many boo boos and wipe so many tears that your lips and fingers are often numb. But then, on one of those not so glamorous days, after a late night and early morning and wiping up the millionth and one spill, something snaps, and you begin to cry.

They come to you, with their own set of kisses. And they quiet your heart as they wipe away your own hot tears. And you know that nothing in life will ever compare to this chipped nail polish moment.

And you do not understand how you lived without her. Without him.

It is the day’s many seemingly simple moments, that from the outside looking in are nothing spectacular. But to you? Well, they are everything. And they make your heart beat fast. So fast, in fact, that you wonder if it will ever slow down…

It’s the way they laugh. How they still reach up for you when they fall down and scrape their knee. Their eyes constantly looking for your praise, your approval. The sound of their little voice calling you mommy. Nothing in life really compares to hearing that.

It’s when she wins the soccer game, and her face is so filled with pride that you wonder if your heart may literally burst. Because for the two of you this is not a little moment at all. It is big. So big, in fact, that you will talk about it for days and weeks to come, and always with pride filling both your hearts.

And all the messes, the tears, the exhaustion, and the never ending dirty laundry. You know it is worth it. Worth every last cup of coffee and spilled bowl of milk. Worth every last breath. And you breathe for them. Until you hold your breath, because your son is now jumping up and down on the kitchen counter.


This is being mom.

And although not everyone will understand why we decide to live for such an ordinary life, we do. And to have this life. These days with them. It is everything.


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8 thoughts on “This Is Being Mom

  1. Yeah, but that nudist colony sounds pretty good. 🙂 I am amazed at how much laundry two little people can generate. I wonder if they use paper plates in nudist colonies? lol


  2. You know what I often wonder? Is this harder for our generation? I feel so exhausted, I miss having a little time for myself and I know I’m not alone ’cause I keep finding more and more mom blogs sharing the same feelings… but I never heard of this before. it’s like it was different for our moms… or maybe I just wasn’t paying attention… I’m typing this with a baby on my lap, so I’m gonna have to cut this short! Beautiful blog


  3. Sasha,
    I just wanted to say thank you.
    Times like today is when I’m in need of a word of a mother who knows exactly what it means to see the beauty in our chaos. A husband ,Seven children, school, a home to clean, working long 12 hours 5_6 days a week, church, and still try to find time to do the never ending laundry and study for the upcoming board test.
    Thank you for reminding me that I’m not just a “mom” “wife” I’m a hand picked by God himself to be the mother of these seven beautiful creations. And a wife to an amazing husband of eight years.
    I cried a few years of encouragement and I thank you God bless you
    – Leticia


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