Real and Raw

Ugly Sickness

Last Friday, my daughter had two, out of four needed immunizations. It was an awful experience. After the first one she grabbed onto me with such force her fingers turned white. “Don’t let him do that to me again, momma!” she frantically cried. It was so excruciating having to watch her in such terror that… Continue reading Ugly Sickness


He’s Still My Best Friend

Dear Husband, I was twenty one when we were married. When most people are out celebrating their first legal drink, I was enjoying our honeymoon. And although it’s not normally questioned aloud, I hear it often in others’ faces, Why? Why would you marry so young? Weren’t you still supposed to be in the ‘do… Continue reading He’s Still My Best Friend


This Is Being Mom

Being mom.┬áIt’s not glamorous. There isn’t much high heels or pedicures going on. To simply have polish on your toes is in fact quite the accomplishment. There are late nights, that is for sure. And middle of the nights as well. And early mornings, and long afternoons. There is lots of coffee and finding cheerios… Continue reading This Is Being Mom