He’s Still My Best Friend


Dear Husband,

I was twenty one when we were married. When most people are out celebrating their first legal drink, I was enjoying our honeymoon. And although it’s not normally questioned aloud, I hear it often in others’ faces, Why? Why would you marry so young? Weren’t you still supposed to be in the ‘do you like me, circle yes or no stage?’

I know the answer to their questions. I know it without a second thought:

I married you simply because you were my best friend. And I couldn’t imagine my life anywhere but by your side.

We are now two kids later. Our lives are so busy there are days we barely speak two sentences together. But when we do speak. When we find our little ways to sneak in a few words–those are my favorite words of the day.

Because you’re still my best friend. And my life is better with you.

I cannot stand the way you forever throw your wet towels on the floor, and you leave the room while I slurp my soup. I find your facial hair in the sink (gag!), and I pile old lint up on the washing machine. But no amount of lint compares to our crazy adventures together. And what holds a light to all our inside jokes?

Life has thrown us storms. But we have learned to tango through the rain. Because this same life knows no greater dance partner than he who understands the rhythm of her sway.

And being one with your best friend?

It is this crazy, unexplainable beauty. Imperfect and messy and loud and obnoxious and in your face beauty. And sometimes, it’s fighting and fuming, and choosing to hold on still. Because best friends know exactly what buttons to push. But they also know the heart.

You’re the father of my babies, and watching you with them simply does something to the soul. I love you now in ways I never understood before. And some days, or rather all our days, are consumed with these little rascals who we love more than our breath. And we breathe for them daily. And we think of them constantly. And everything we do, we do for them.

But I do not choose you because you’re my babies’ daddy.

I choose you because you’re still my best friend.

And I would say “I do” a million more times, if it meant yes to growing gray with you. Because being married to the one who knows all your flaws and weaknesses. Who has seen you at your worst and held on still. The one I can simply be real with. Who takes my vulnerability and makes it somehow safe and okay…

Well, nothing really compares to this.

You’re forever my favorite person to hang with. Forever my best friend.

I still circle “yes” to your love note.

~Your Wife


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*Photo credit of the sweetest friend and photographer Jessieleighphotography.

6 thoughts on “He’s Still My Best Friend

  1. The best way to live marriage–your spouse as your best friend! Thank you for this wonderful post. God bless you lives together & those two precious babies!


  2. Beautiful, Sasha. The very act of writing this down is enough to rekindle those lost sparks, that surprise, surprise…have deepened into burning coals.


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