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Second Fiddle to Elsa’s Frozen Charm

Boston is going as “Elsa” tomorrow. Of course she is Elsa. My house has been overtaken by the Frozen star.We have bags, socks, shirts, puzzles, singing microphones, the doll, the book, the dress. My daughter is three. Not three going to be four next week. No, three just last month three. Isn’t this still the age of… Continue reading Second Fiddle to Elsa’s Frozen Charm

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Letting Go

I dropped my daughter off for her first day of school. It is two days a week for two and half hours each time. Two days, two hours: one emotionally wrecked momma! I did not realize how strongly it would impact me. My baby, beaming, waved goodbye, so excited to be a big girl. I waved… Continue reading Letting Go

My Heart

Anything You Say or Do

My mom lifted the lid to my old childhood sandbox, revealing a large, ugly toad, sitting right in the middle of it. My children looked on with fascination at the creature while my mom, my sister, and I screamed, jumping up and down to no end. My son, unfazed by our reaction, went to climb… Continue reading Anything You Say or Do