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Second Fiddle to Elsa’s Frozen Charm


Boston is going as “Elsa” tomorrow. Of course she is Elsa. My house has been overtaken by the Frozen star.We have bags, socks, shirts, puzzles, singing microphones, the doll, the book, the dress.

My daughter is three. Not three going to be four next week. No, three just last month three.

Isn’t this still the age of just wanting to be like your mommy??? Sob!!! I have been replaced by an ice castle making, broadway singing, perfect hair, tiny waisted queen.

I am doomed.

My baby has grown into a little girl, and I was not prepared.


I look at her and wonder, does she realize she is my snow queen, my current and forever obsession?

My heart bursts as I watch the joy in her eyes as this dress arrives at our door. I cannot help but begin jumping up and down with her in excitement.

“That is the cutest Elsa I have ever seen!” she exclaims. “Everyone is going to say ‘Oh, there is a real Elsa here with us today!'” She puts it on and suddenly becomes completely silent, mesmerized by the beauty of it all.

I am mesmerized too, by the beauty of her.

“Mom, why are you so sad?” she asks. 

“I am not sad.” I reply, “I am crying happy tears. I am so happy for you it makes my eyes cry.” 

I may take second fiddle to the snow queen for a little while, but I am okay with this. My queen is here with me, twirling in her little blue gown. I listen to her perform “Let it Go” for the millionth time today. I smile. . .

What about you??

What is your child’s current obsession in life? What was that moment with him or her which broke you to tears of joy? I would love to hear about it!!

42 thoughts on “Second Fiddle to Elsa’s Frozen Charm

  1. My daughter, first grade, is suddenly very obsessed with her social life and friends. My son, almost three, is still obsessed with his mommy. I love her costume. So beautiful.


  2. I love this. I used to think perhaps it was a bad thing that little girls got so obsessed with princesses and such. But you know what? I think it is an innate desire in every woman to feel beautiful…it begins even as a little girl. What a beauty! (I’m still secretly obsessed with Ariel from The Little Mermaid)


    1. Rebekah, I think you are absolutely right. This is the very best age to discover it too, without any doubts in your mind of how beautiful you truly are. How I pray my daughter will never lose this confidence.

      Oh, and I am still secretly obsessed with Belle! 🙂


      1. Belle and Jasmine are tied for second. 🙂 That is one of the things I really hope to instill in my daughter is confidence. It needn’t be arrogant, just a sureness of a woman’s natural beauty. I think it’s something even we as mothers need reminders of sometimes.


  3. That is a beautiful Elsa costume, and a beautiful blog!
    My daughter is 2.5, and also loves Frozen, but she’s partial to Anna. My son, 5, is all about the superheroes. All day, every day.


    1. Love it!! How perfectly our girls would get along, each playing their own part. 🙂 Yeah for little man too! No better way to live than with superpowers!


  4. “I have been replaced by an ice castle making, broadway singing, perfect hair, tiny waisted queen…” And how, may I ask, did Boston get the confidence to sing and to dance and to reach for the dream? You have not been replaced….you have only boosted her up to the next level. She is no longer the dependent baby she once was, but she is still using you as her springboard to reach for the stars!

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  5. I love your thoughts on this stage in your daughter’s life. And she looks so cute!
    At this moment I’m just pondering how my (10yo) daughter will go straight from school this afternoon for trick-or-treating and a sleep over tonight, and I won’t see her until tomorrow 😦


  6. Z is all about Disney princesses and plays dress up almost all day long. Switching costumes (which include a different hair style) though out the day. It’s a lot of work keeping up with her sometimes. 🙂


  7. She is a beautiful Elsa! Ours is quite the opposite…dinosaurs and rocket ships. Our almost 2-year-old is little stuffed animals. He’s currently sleeping with about 30 (or maybe more) of them. What a lovely post! It melted my heart! 🙂


    1. I can only imagine how different with a house full of boys! My son likes nothing to do with Elsa, and would prefer flinging rocks any day to twirling in a blue gown. 😉 The genders are so completely opposite, and yet equally as wonderful!


  8. I have two girls obsessed with Frozen :)) but luckily mommy is still the best thing next to sliced bread…they seem to change daily and sometimes I want to stop the hands of time while others I look forward to watching every part of their life flourish…


    1. I know exactly what you mean!! We want them to stay our little babes forever, and yet at the same time find our hearts bursting with excitement at each new stage. It is such a wonderful gift: motherhood. I would not trade it for all the world! 🙂

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  9. Such sweet pictures! My daughter has two Elsa costumes. 🙂 She is slightly less obsessed with Frozen now … but she still loves it all. (She actually is a big fan of Olaf!) The other day, we were trying to get her to appreciate Anna too … she is a wee bit more “down to Earth” and is the one who shows the act of true love …. but nope! Elsa it is! We asked her why … because she has a beautiful dress, of course! Sigh!


    1. I tried for a while to encourage Anna as well, but that was a definite no go! She always tells me “Mom, you are Anna. I am Elsa.” Then she fixes her hair over her shoulder just like the Queen’s. 🙂


  10. I love your daughter’s pictures. She’s so adorable! The only thing my son is into right now is “being a doctor who plays the drums.” We dressed him up as Mickey last weekend when we went to Disney (I guess you can call Mickey Mouse a mild obsession…very mild) and he was just excited to meet him in real life. So, tonight, doctor-drummer it is––we got him a doctor’s outfit, and he’ll have his drum sticks as his tools!


        1. Smart thinking! Boston begged my for a tiara, but she never actually wears it. I realized it was to dramatically throw it just like Elsa did while singing “Let it Go.” 😉 Hope you had a fun Halloween with your little princess! 🙂


  11. She is gorgeous sasha, just like her mama. I love her confidence. My boys were skunks this year (easy homemades) But interestingly enough, they LOVE frozen and when I took them to boo at the zoo, their favorite thing was seeing the cast of frozen which they call “my movie!!!” I bet they’d fall in love with Boston instantly 😉


  12. Oh Sasha I so know what you are talking about – My little Kaylee who is four years old is a little queen Elsa too. I love it!!!! and she truly is growing into a pretty little Princess herself. Lip gloss, finger nail polish, mommas make up every once in awhile. And high heel dress up shoes. A magazine of ladies clothes came in the mail and she found dress that she asked me to buy her. And I said of course darling – I started to imagine helping her pick out her wedding dress someday. She is so pretty my little girl. It is so cute how she can act like such a little lady one minute and the next she is cuddled up in my lap like a snuggle bunny. Sasha thank you for sharing your heart felt thoughts.


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