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Superficial Daughters

The two of us were looking in the bathroom mirror as I rushed to get ready for a somewhat important event. I looked in a bit of frustration at myself, at my unruly hair, at my face that suddenly broke out in blemishes. And my large red birthmark that gets so many comments of “your… Continue reading Superficial Daughters


Evening Sky

As I watched her dance in the beauty of last night’s sky, the thought came to me: this is her everyday world. The glasses with which she filters her life. For to her each new day is full of life and color. A fairytale to be experienced, one great hour after the next. They may… Continue reading Evening Sky


This Girl

Just yesterday I held her on my chest for the very first time. I heard her soft whimper and my heart fell right into hers, never to be separated again. She has grown so much, and with each passing day, I with her. I often wonder what her future will hold. Where life will take… Continue reading This Girl


Naked Rain

“Mom, mom, listen to this!” Boston shouted to me. “Okay!” I happily replied. “Rain, rain, go away. Come again another day. If you don’t, I don’t care. I will TAKE OFF YOUR UNDERWEAR!”  She then burst into an array of giggles, to which her little brother gladly joined in. “A boy at my school taught… Continue reading Naked Rain


The Mom Who Said She Could Do It

“Mom, when I am a mommy I am going to have ten kids!” “Wow, that’s a lot of kids. How will you keep the house clean?” “They will be ten great helpers … And they will drink hot chocolate! Yes, we will have a LOT of hot chocolate! Our fridge will be filled with all… Continue reading The Mom Who Said She Could Do It


Anastasia Steele Could be My Daughter

I know the books have sold over a 100 million copies and counting. I know the fan club has reached astonishing numbers. But I just can’t shake this thought from my mind: Anastasia Steele could be my daughter someday.  You see, I love my daughter more than life, and to think of a man ever daring to treat… Continue reading Anastasia Steele Could be My Daughter

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The Most Important Thing You Can Do For Her

“Boston,” I ask, “Will you be my best friend forever?”
“Even when your 16?”
“Yes, forever and ever!”

I feel the tears begin to burn. I wonder, what really lies ahead for us?

What will life throw at her? In what ways will it try to break her dear form? The thoughts begin to consume me to the point of deep heartache. How I long to keep her sheltered from all the cruelty of this world. If only I could be her protecter forever and ever. . .