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Screaming at Life

Last night I broke. I lost it, completely. It was past midnight. Still, I could not shut my brain down, and this time it went right back to my son’s seizure. I had been trying so hard to stay strong ever since. Both my kids were now sick (Pierce shared his fever with his sister). They… Continue reading Screaming at Life

My Heart's Cry

Robin Williams and a Mother’s Prayer

I never met Mr. Williams. I knew so little about his life, and yet my heart broke when I heard of his passing. He brought me laughter and adventure, tears and thoughtfulness. Many of his films leaving a lasting impact upon my soul. I am of the opinion that mental sickness is the worst of… Continue reading Robin Williams and a Mother’s Prayer

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Eyes Wide Open

“Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory.” ~Dr. Seuss  An incident occurred which left me hurting. I should not have let my daughter be witness, and yet at the moment I did not give it much concern. She is young, she does not understand, she is playing with… Continue reading Eyes Wide Open