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Her Greatest Striptease

To my sweet girl,

I am not old, not so out of touch with our culture. I love the beat of the modern music, the latest fashions, and the newest technology. I am Generation Y.

I am also your mom, and my heart is terrified.

You see, I have this crazy hope you will actually keep your clothes on. . .

My Heart's Cry · Real and Raw

Losing My Breath

Pierce had a seizure Sunday night. He fell face first into the bathtub when it began. My husband was reading a book to him, so concentrated on making the story exciting he did not notice him topple over. 5, 10 seconds in the water? Enough to bring terrors I had never known. . .

My Heart's Cry

Robin Williams and a Mother’s Prayer

I never met Mr. Williams. I knew so little about his life, and yet my heart broke when I heard of his passing. He brought me laughter and adventure, tears and thoughtfulness. Many of his films leaving a lasting impact upon my soul. I am of the opinion that mental sickness is the worst of… Continue reading Robin Williams and a Mother’s Prayer