My Heart's Cry

Robin Williams and a Mother’s Prayer


I never met Mr. Williams. I knew so little about his life, and yet my heart broke when I heard of his passing. He brought me laughter and adventure, tears and thoughtfulness. Many of his films leaving a lasting impact upon my soul.

I am of the opinion that mental sickness is the worst of all. Killing its victims slowly, dragging them deeper and deeper into its unrelenting pains. Cancer patients will undergo rounds and rounds of chemo in a desperate attempt to survive. Those with incurable diseases raising every last dollar to somehow find a cure. Any illness which would cause an individual to take his own life is far beyond cruel.

“Depression isn’t just being a little sad. It’s feeling nothing. It’s not wanting to be alive any more.” ~J.K. Rowling

I hold my babies tight today, fervently praying over their souls. I am done with hoping, with wishful thinking.I am on my knees, in desperate cries. I have heard there is power in a momma’s prayers. I am clinging to this today: may my children never have to taste this awful sickness–not even for a moment.

I watch them as they play, so carefree, so happy. Each moment bringing fresh excitement, each discovery new joy. Childlike joy–the only way to truly be free.

“Depression is a prison where you are both the suffering prisoner and the cruel jailer.” ~Dorothy Rowe

They are showing me what it means to be happy. I make it my aim to remind them of it for the remainder of my days. I will do all I can to keep this pure joy in their lives; to keep the laughter loud and smiles wide. I will do what I can and then I will leave what I cannot in His hands–I will pray as only a mother knows how.

May Robin Williams forever be remembered for the great contributions he made on society, and this alone. The sickness has clawed its ugly hands on many precious souls. May the sickness not win, but the legacy of a beautiful life which impacted so many and brought laughter to us all.

“Most of all, I want to thank my father, up there, the man who when I said I wanted to be an actor, he said, ‘Wonderful. Just have a back-up profession like welding’.” ~Robin Williams 

35 thoughts on “Robin Williams and a Mother’s Prayer

  1. I was diagnosed at age 5 with clinical depression, its a hard road and something I look out for in my son… its a fear beyond fear that he might suffer as I did… on the other hand he was my salvation my reason for joy and the song in my soul… my heart brakes for Robbin and the family he has out of desperation left behind to pick up the broken pieces…

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    1. Oh, Rochelle, five years old!! Our prayers can never start too early! Words cannot express how happy I am you have found such joy in your son. They really are miracles: more than they will ever know.


  2. Thank you again for another heart touching post, sasha. Depression is awful, and I pray my children know of it either. Our children also serve as reminders to us, how to keep that childlike joy in ourselves. They are a gift to us in so many ways. A mama’s prayers are indeed powerful.


  3. Before I discovered my issues with gluten, I suffered from depression, though not to the point of being suicidal. It’s one of the most frustrating and painful experiences to be trapped in a brain that isn’t working properly and not know why. I’m most blessed now that I know what causes it and can avoid gluten. If I accidentally eat gluten, I do struggle with bouts of depression, but it’s bearable because I know why it’s happening and that it will pass. I am deeply saddened that Robin Williams wasn’t able to overcome his struggles. He seemed to be such a generous soul. I’m glad we had him for the time that we did.


    1. Oh Shea, I am so glad you discovered the root of it! What an amazing story! You are doing such a wonderful thing sharing this–I pray those who need to hear it will find themselves across your path.

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  4. I want him to be mostly remembered for his humor and his art. Mostly. But his death is out there and it’s opened up important conversations about how you can never tell how someone is suffering. About how depression is no respecter of financial status. And I grieve Robin’s death, but because it can’t be changed, I’m grateful for that his last act is going to help so many. Even if he couldn’t help himself.

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    1. Kirsten, it is true his death is bringing the issue to light in such a great way. Although he will be mourned deeply, I too am grateful for the many ways it is bringing awareness.

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    1. Yes, I could not agree more. I am of the opinion that prayer does more than we will ever truly know. I stand in prayer with you today over your sweet loves.


  5. Sasha, I love how you take something so far-removed from you and bring it right into the heart of where we should be thinking and working. Another wonderful post and an awesome use of the quotes you used to “illustrate” your point.


    1. Thanks Torrie! I live and breathe my babies so much so, it seems I find everything somehow relating back to them. The quotes sent shivers down my spine, the way they opened up this awful sickness. Many prayers today for both our children and the ones still out there, suffering.


  6. Oh I know, heartbreaking. The one good I can see in all of it is that Robin’s death is really bringing depression into the light in a very real way– perhaps many others will get help because of this. Glad you posted on this.


    1. Yes, Aimee, I too have been encouraged by all the exposure which has come about as a result. How I hope his death will bring light to many struggling in this same way.


  7. His talent and art are immeasurable, his impact unfathomable, and your piece recognizing those things, along with the fickle nature of fate and health are surely admired and appreciated. Cheers, Sasha.


  8. What a beautiful soul. Or seemed to me like one. Makes me want to–like you–hold my loved ones extra close, pray with the sincerest voice, and offer kindness to everyone I cross paths with. We never know what battles people are quietly fighting.

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    1. Keri, what an insightful thought, to show kindness to all. I by so many souls each day given no thought to what is going on behind the scenes. I will not soon forget this.


  9. I cried when I heard about Ribun Williams. I did not know him, but whenever I hear stories like this it brings me to tears. I cannot help but think of my girl when I hear these things. You want to shield them from the pains and heart breaks in this world, but you just can’t. How heartbreaking for his wife and children to know that they could do nothing to stop his pain. It makes me sad. Beautifully written post, Sasha.


    1. I know exactly how you feel, the way you wish to hide them from all the hurt and sorrows of this world. Then, realizing it is not possible. Many prayers for his precious family in this difficult time.


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