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Poop on the Kitchen Counter


I jumped out of my super speed shower to peek in on the kids. I didn’t have my contacts in but I squinted hard to see them both sitting on the living room chair, reading books. I beamed. “Hi guys, I’m going to quick put my makeup on, okay?” “Okay, mom!” they smiled back.

I walked in a few minutes later, contacts in place, to realize they were in fact not reading books together. They were shoving starbursts candy into their mouths as quickly as their little hands could peel the wrappers off.

We left that morning with two sugar overloaded toddlers, but hey, I was actually wearing makeup! And the glass was half full.


I jumped out of my super speed shower the following day with contacts in this time. I found my son standing on top of my kitchen counter. He had pushed his little chair up to the trash can, and used the two items as stepping stones to his destination. What he wanted up there, I have no idea. I was much too distracted by the pile of poop sitting next to him. Yes, he used my kitchen counter as his potty.

We left the house that morning with my counter cleaner than it has been in weeks, and we also saved money on one less dirty diaper–those things are not cheap, you know? And the glass was half full.


Life with two toddlers is anything butΒ clean or quiet, things such as pride and privacy have been thrown out the window, and I have quickly learned there is no such thing as “child proof.” But there is always a silver lining–always. It is all in where I decide to place my laughs. And I am placing them in ALL the memories. You see, those sweet moments of “I love you, momma.” may be the ones we choose to put in the album. However, the poop on the kitchen counter is the one that will forever bring the family laughing together someday.

Start recording all the moments–the sweet and beautiful, the hard and difficult, the horror and gross outs. Believe it or not we will someday love them all.

Chin up momma, even on the “hard” days. That glass is still half full.


9 thoughts on “Poop on the Kitchen Counter

  1. Sasha, when Littlest was a little more than a year old, he found a small piece of dog poop on the ground, thought it was a Tootsie Roll, and popped it into his mouth before I could get to him. To this day, he gags when he sees dog poop. So… I just don’t know which is worse. But both are definitely laugh-worthy. πŸ™‚


    1. Oh, I think your story is so much worse. I gag at the simple thought of that! Glass half full: you didn’t have to constantly remind him “don’t eat dog poop!” anymore. πŸ˜‰


  2. What great perspective you have! Attitude is the only (and most important) thing we can control while raising our kiddos. And choosing to be positive makes everything so much better for everyone! Can’t wait to read more of your posts.


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