Our Kids

Pizza Sauce Living

First time at the pizza parlor and my kids were completely in love with the parmesan cheese shaker at the table. After covering nearly ever square inch of their pizzas ten feet tall, Boston explained, “Mom, I’m not going to eat the cheese in this shaker. I’m just going to lick it all off the thingy… Continue reading Pizza Sauce Living

Our Kids

We Have Money

The grocery store is a literal quarter mile from our place. We stopped there on our way back home last night to grab a few things. After we checked out, the boys headed back in the car while Boston and I decided to walk. I noticed the way the street lights illuminated her precious frame,… Continue reading We Have Money

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Dance the Night Away

We heard a noise in Pierce’s room Tuesday night. My husband went in to check on him and in a moment called back to me, “He’s having a seizure.” This was his third one and we were prepared this time. Outwardly, we remained very calm. Inwardly though, I was still a bit panicked. I continued… Continue reading Dance the Night Away