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We Have Money


The grocery store is a literal quarter mile from our place. We stopped there on our way back home last night to grab a few things. After we checked out, the boys headed back in the car while Boston and I decided to walk. I noticed the way the street lights illuminated her precious frame, so small, so confident, so bare feet–she never keeps her shoes on anymore.

She isn’t a huge talker. Except when it’s just the two of us. Then, she cannot stop the conversation flowing. And it is my favorite thing ever. We talked and talked about so many things, until the conversation eventually flowed to the donation bin she saw earlier that day. I explained how we can donate our clothing to boys and girls who do not have money to buy any themselves.

She elaborated on this with great enthusiasm, thrilled at the idea of being able to help them out in this way. I suppose the grocery store made her think of her next statement.

“Mom, some kids don’t have money. But we have money. We can just go buy them some food. Yeah, that’s so easy! That’s the trick!” 

I felt my heart cave. I stared intensely at her little bare footed frame, her precious innocence, her wide opened heart.

If only it was so easy…

I began to think of that other three year old girl. The one I have never met, but who has passions, feeling, dreams just as big as my own daughters. That little girl who also loves to walk alone with her mom, and talk. That little girl who is every bit as real as my sweet baby… Even though I often forget about her in my day to day.

Where does she live? What is she doing right now? Is she hungry?

In the US, statistics say nearly 16 million children face hunger. 

I’m glad my daughter reminded me of something bigger than my own four walls this evening. I have money, and some kids don’t have money. So, I can buy them some food…

It may not be “so easy,” but everything needs to start somewhere. And everything needs to start with someone. 


Want to bring a little help as well? Feeding America is one great organization I have found with donation centers all across the States! Have some favorites of your own? Let me know in the comments!

7 thoughts on “We Have Money

  1. What sweet innocence! We have had some tough times in recent years and the thought of assistance was hard but grateful for every bit. I love your heart here, Sasha. I would also encourage everyone to look local, too. Many cities have food banks in need. It may just be your neighbor you help. We aren’t totally there yet, but we do look for what we can do now and dearly look forward to days when we can be as generous as others have been with us. Keep teaching those important lessons, my dear.


  2. I love all your posts, however I can’t seem to find a wordpress like button anywhere… great piece, and so true that the innocence of a child is often the most naïve, yet treasured thing in the world. They are so precious XO


  3. Wow! Kids teach us so much and always point us to things we don’t notice anymore because we feel like our lives, as adults, are complicated enough already. What a sweet reminder from your girl!


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