Unfiltered Love

My daughter was born crying, and the first months of her life kept me in the best shape of mine. Sitting became somewhat of a faded memory of yesteryears. Day after day, and night after night, I would pace the floor of her tiny bedroom until a path shown itself through the carpet. But as… Continue reading Unfiltered Love


Breathe In Their Little

He’s well over three years old now, and yet when I look at him he is still as much my baby as the day he was born. And he really still is. A baby, that is. It seems we make kids grow up too quickly. We pound their heads with as much sensory and learning… Continue reading Breathe In Their Little

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My Name is Momma

Hello, My name is Momma. Momma noun| adjective|verb Passion. Joy. Fear. Hope. Heartache. Tears. Laughter. Dancing. Worry. Faith. Wonder. Love–all consuming love. ~~~~~~~~~~ I am more than a face. More than a pretty dress. More than dinner on the table. I am weak, and yet so strong. I fail, but I keep getting up. I… Continue reading My Name is Momma


This Messed Up Beautiful Life

Our life has been so crazy busy. And I stay up way too late each night trying to catch up. Still, they wake early–always so early… But as much as I wish for more sleep sometimes. To stay under those warm covers. It’s these moments that remind me what life is all about. What really… Continue reading This Messed Up Beautiful Life


The Unwritten Mom Code

We stayed in our pajamas until 11. Well, I stayed in mine. They had halloween costumes arrive in the mail, so they spent their hours as “Anna and Spiderman.” It seemed I had somehow managed to get absolutely nothing accomplished in our previous hours awake. I looked around at my place and thought of all… Continue reading The Unwritten Mom Code


Eating Canned Soup

The three of us sat around our little bistro table, sharing a bowl of lentil soup. Not some homemade version. Nope, straight from the can. I cannot remember the last time I have actually cooked a meal. Unless you can count salad as “homemade.” There just never seems to be any time. And if a… Continue reading Eating Canned Soup