Our Kids

Let’s Talk About Poop

“Pierce, do you want to come see my poopoo?”

“Yes!” he happily responds to his sister as they both dash off to the bathroom.

After an examination of the stuff and an exclamation of its size, one of them flushes it down into the mysterious drain.

“Bye-bye poopoo!” They sing over and over again, hands waving in tune.

And I wonder how something so gross can be the cause of so much excitement.

What’s much worse though, is me. Me, a grown adult, talking about poop! I talk about it with my mom friends. We ramble on and on about the stuff just like we were having a simple conversation about the latest decor.

We discuss consistency, color, constipation, diarreah. Sometimes we discuss quite seriously. Sometimes it’s our simple, average day stories, like poop smeared all over the crib.

Never in all my life have I ever before talked about such things so freely, so opening, and without a hint of awkward.

Mom life: it changes us for the better. It strips us of pride. It brings us into a class all of its own. A class that says ” You’re a mom too!” and “Let’s be best friends and talk about things we would never discuss with anyone else.”

I can honestly say I’m so happy to be in this group with you, momma! To live this eating, drinking, and pooping filled life right along side you. I’ve got your back. And I’m glad you’ve got mine too.

Want to come over and talk about poop? 🙂


2 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About Poop

  1. YES! Poop is such a big topic around here too. My husband and I often check in with each other about our daughter’s BMs – and there may be the occasional text, too. Ha!


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