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7 Things This Mom Wants Most for Christmas


You did not wish to share the lollipop. You each wanted it all to yourself, to enjoy every moment, to savor to the last drop. And as I watched you trying so patiently to wait for a taste of the treasure, I was suddenly left a bit numb. For I realized I don’t want to share either. How I never wish to share you.

I want to hide you away with me forever; to keep you my babies for life. But growing up, I am told, is beautiful too.


Before I blink you will have your own families. Your own responsibilities, duties–your own life. But not today. Today you are mine. This Christmas season is ours, completely ours. I am trying with everything in me to not forget a single moment of this one.

I haven’t made a wish list since I was a young girl, but who says you are ever too old for such a thing? These seven I want more than anything in all the world.

1. To wake up to your smile.

2. To watch the wonder in your eyes.

3. To feel the warmth of your arms around my neck.

4. To hear the sound of your laughter.

5. To hold your hands and dance.

6. To loose my breathe at the sight of you.

7. To remind my heart to beat once more.

I did not know what the magic of the holidays meant before you entered my world. How much wonder could be wrapped in one small being. I would die for you without hesitation. I would take all of life’s hardships away if only I was allowed. I weep with love for you.

You are my Christmas wish come true, and I am left in awe of you each day. Many Christmases will come and go, and to you they will most likely be a blur of childhood. But to me, this Christmas. . . well, this one will forever be etched into my heart.


31 thoughts on “7 Things This Mom Wants Most for Christmas

  1. I wouldn’t want to share them either. I never wanted to share mine. Alas……there are new days ahead…etch these onto your heart and soul as you said and in years to come as these children of yours grow new people who will come and make your heart and soul grow even larger with love to include them…..the people that can add to what you’ve already given your children and show you a completely new side to the little beings you helped to create!


  2. This brought tears to my eyes. I was thinking the same thing last night when I was feeding my 3 month old (or was it early this morning? It all blends together!)
    The thought of him growing up and becoming his own man is both heartbreaking and breathtaking. It’s amazing how quickly and completely they steal our hearts.

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  3. What beautiful sentiments, you brought tears to my eyes. I think every stage of their life brings with it something precious, but there is something particularly innocent about when they are so young… something so special to be cherished XX

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  4. Just Lovely! I say all the time that I do not want my babies to grow up! I just held my 7yo as if she were a baby and told her I do not know what I am going to do when she is taller than me! She is likely to be taller by next year snif, snif!


    1. April, seven!! That sounds so old!!! Sweet girl, how much fun you two must have–like talking to a mini adult. 🙂 I will hope for your sake she stays shorter until at least nine. 😉


  5. This is beautiful…I totally understand the feelings. I have three teenagers and I get so emotional when I think about that they are almost grown and they will be leaving soon venturing off in the world. I often asked myself, where has the time gone?


  6. I love this, Sasha! I agree. Christmas with little ones, so full of wonder, curiosity, and enthusiasm brings a whole new joy to my heart. This will be our first Christmas celebrating as our little family and I am so excited. I can’t wait to see my boys eyes on Christmas! 🙂 I hope you and your beautiful family have a merry, Merry Christmas!


  7. Lovely, and they are very lucky to have such a loving mama. It was SO hard for me when my baby turned 12 months. She’s my third and my last, and it’s difficult to know how fast the time goes. I love your photos too! Merry Christmas 😉 – rachel


  8. Beautiful. Both my girls are grown now and have given me 7 grandchildren. I enjoy going to see my grandchildren, but I want to see my daughters as well. Sometimes, even now, I do not want to share them. But then as life goes on, I know that if I didn’t, I wouldn’t have those special 7 grandchildren! “Sigh.”


  9. What a lovely post Dear Sasha. Thanks for reminding me how blessed I am to have two amazing kids six and four. I just realized the other day that my son is growing up and his interests have changed a bit. Different toys, new shows, and bigger shoes. I love to see them grow, but I sure have loved and enjoyed the early childhood years. Moving into school age is a transition. We home-school and so my whole approach to interacting with my son is changing. He is getting more independent and needs big boy challenges. Your post blesses me.


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