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The One Thing Your Kids Want to Buy You This Christmas


My daughter came home from school with this special gift for me. On the front were “Christmas lights” made by her own fingerprints. The back was my favorite though. She was so proud, so excited to give her first ever gift to me. She couldn’t even pause enough for me to put my purse down and instead unwrapped it herself, flaunting the treasure high into the air. Her face beaming.

I couldn’t help the tears.

As moms, we constantly give and give and give. We give out so much we are often left in pure exhaustion. We know they love us. We know they care. But how many “thank you(s)” do you actually receive? They are first to tell you when they are mad at you, “no” becoming a favorite first word from the beginning. “You’re doing a great job, mom!” It doesn’t proceed from their lips often–meaning never.

They really do care, you know? They really do think you are the best thing since chocolate ice cream. Although they do not know exactly how to say it at this time, they feel it. With everything in them they feel it.

You may be the one doing the giving this holiday. You may already feel all given out, and the day has not yet even arrived.

Know this momma. They wish to buy you the world this Christmas, if only their piggy bank would allow it.

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