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7 Things This Mom Wants Most for Christmas

You did not wish to share the lollipop. You each wanted it all to yourself, to enjoy every moment, to savor to the last drop. And as I watched you trying so patiently to wait for a taste of the treasure, I was suddenly left a bit numb. For I realized I don’t want to… Continue reading 7 Things This Mom Wants Most for Christmas


Baby Wit + Giveaway!

One stop at, and you will be hooked. Their motto, “You may not be cool, but your baby can be,” says it all.  The clothes oh so adorable and trendy. Besides all the cuteness, they have also come up with one specific outfit which brags so much more: the Tender Wondersuit.  *BabyWit provided me with… Continue reading Baby Wit + Giveaway!


4 New VTech Toys + A Giveaway

                      Christmas in October arrived at our door via an awesome sample to review by VTech! We get excited about cheese and cracker samples at the grocery store. You can imagine the look on my two kiddos faces (3 years and 18 months) when they awoke… Continue reading 4 New VTech Toys + A Giveaway

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The Sweetest Aches of Life

My sweet boy was sick. Only 30 minutes into his night rest he awoke crying. I placed him on my chest and we laid in my bed together . After quite some time of restlessness, he finally found sleep again. I carefully laid him back in his crib and stretched my limbs in relief. Shortly… Continue reading The Sweetest Aches of Life