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Bindi Irwin, Please Fight For My Daughter


Miley Cyrus became the talk of America for her “twerking”” at the MTV awards last year. I did not watch the show, and yet have seen the oh so famous jig, simply because of the in your face, everywhere publicity it immediately gained. The more provocative, the more attention you will win it seems.

I recently read an article on a different girl. One who will probably not be finding herself on the celebrity gossip columns any time soon.

Her name is Bindi Irwin. She is the daughter of now passed Steve Irwin (“Crocodile Hunter”), and her stance on teen girls and modesty is mind blowing. Soon to be sixteen, she, in her own words stated,

“A lot of times I want to grab these girls and say ‘Look … in 10 years you’ll regret this. Just dress like who you are. Don’t try so hard. A pair of jeans and a T-shirt is just as gorgeous and even makes you look classier’ … The way I choose to dress, I want to influence other people around me I suppose.”



Did I really say the girl is about to turn 16???

Losing her father at a young age, Bindi had every excuse to live the rebel teen life. Instead, she is doing the exact opposite, even choosing to stay clear of alcohol and cigarettes, and opting for tea and a good book instead.

What if the role models and superstars of our day where the Bindi Irwin(s)? What type of teens would our girls be? What type of standards would they hold? What type of respect might the teenage boys start giving them?

Thank you Bindi Irwin.

                                    Thank you,

                                                   thank you,

                                                                 thank you.

How I pray those like you will grow in number. That your message will begin to take hold and spread like wildfire to young girls everywhere.

You may not reveal too much of your skin.

You may spend most your hours getting your hands dirty loving on animals.

Your beauty proceeds from within–the greatest beauty of all.

Keep on fighting for your generation, and please, never stop. My little girl is but two. I beg you, fight for her, so in some miraculous way, she will not have to know this same struggle.


75 thoughts on “Bindi Irwin, Please Fight For My Daughter

    1. Thank you! Yes, I agree! Positive role models for both our girls and boys is in such desperate need. How I pray more and more will rise up in these next years.


  1. I really think Bindi probably has her head screwed on alright, but at the same time I can’t help thinking that’s what Brittany Spears was telling us when she was the same age. So Bindi! Keep striking that balance! Because pressures do mount up and push people in strange directions.


  2. Wonderful post and topic. This is definitely something that our generation has especially had to deal with. I often think about what i want to teach my daughter about beauty, her body, boys, etc. We need role models who set a good example, but also do not condemn or judge the girls who need teaching, but also compassion.


  3. The world needs more good female role models if for no other reason than to counteract the Kim Kardashions of this world!


  4. As an Aussie, we’ve seen Bindi around a lot. She was a bit of an annoying child Tv star but has turned out to be a levelheaded teenage animal (and girl) advocate. It’s just a shame that her comments didn’t receive the same attention and the ‘twerking’!


    1. Yes, wouldn’t it be such a different world if she received even half the attention as the “twerking.” On a side note: I just love how I can post this in America and you are responding in Australia. What a small world it really is!! 🙂


  5. How true!! How true! After being an educator in junior high for 5 years, I can’t tell you how many times I had conversations about this with girls trying to find their way in a world where having your bits exposed somehow equates being attractive. But like you said, sadly this young role model will not get the exposure because it’s not provocative or shocking. When really it is, being an opinion out of the norm! Here’s to our girls breaking through and changing the world!


    1. Thank you so much for sharing this–to allow us to hear it from someone working directly with the young girls of this generation. Someway, may they realize where true beauty lies, to desire to rebel from the norm and be a little “odd.”


  6. I didn’t know anything about Bindi until reading this – having two girls (much younger) I think about this quite a bit – great post!


  7. I so hope she stays on the right track! There are always these girls that come up in Hollywood and seem ok, and then BAM. Selena Gomez, Miley, good lord Lindsay Lohan. I can’t imagine how hard it would be to explain these things to a tween. Bindi is super refreshing!


    1. Yes, the pressure must be insurmountable for them out there! How I hope Bindi stays strong in her beautiful stance of girl empowerment!


  8. Hey Sasha, sorry to bother you on this comment forum but not sure how to get in touch with you… I just joined that top mommy blogger place and am so confused…do you know how to get votes? is it a member has to click on the banner? I have read the FAQ page over and over and do not understand! if you could shed light on this situation please!!!!


    1. Yes, you have it right, just a simple click will do it! You can go over to their banner section and place it in your widget section if you have not already. When a person clicks on the banner it counts as a “vote” for your blog even though it takes them to the homepage and not your personal page–better advertisement for them I think. 🙂


      1. Thanks, I finally figured it out! And yes, their site is quite ingenious…lots of views on their site! This blogging stuff gets complicated!


    1. Yes, I could not agree more! I have a son as well as a daughter and how I pray the right role models will come across his life as he grows!


  9. This is perfect. And an extra Thank you to Bindi!! Praying this generation realizes what beauty and integrity really means. I think the outward appearance is certainly a reflection of what’s going on inside. While I’m sure we all have reasons or excuses to “act up”, the outstanding women are the ones who seek help and support…. And maximize their resources in order to heal from hurt, and move forward in life. Bindi is a great example to this generation.


  10. I think, Sasha, that you’ve just brought a bit of spit and polish to the positivity of social media. It’s not just the bigger voices of the Bindis of this world, but the Sashas too. You’ve got something to say, and you’ve spread the word. That being said, you yourself are a terrific example of exactly what your daughter will mirror as she grows. Don’t be afraid of the struggles–just teach them that the struggles can be overcome.
    As always, a lovely post with a beautiful message. 🙂


  11. Well Said, Sasha! Little girls all over the world are in desperate need of good role models these days. Great post. as always!! xx


  12. I,too, hope there are more role models for young girls like Bindi. What an amazing teen she is! Good for her! And for you on spreading the word! 🙂
    PS I LOVE that pic of your daughter at the end!!!


  13. I myself only have 2 boys 4 and under. At first I thought “if I had a daughter the popular role models would inflame me to action” but honestly, who are my boys going to marry? Young women. If God doesn’t give me a daughter now then I’m praying I get a couple once my boys marry. I’d like to be able to point out to my boys the good young women of the world. I never really thought about Bindi. She won’t be much of a role model for my boys once they themselves are teens, so I pray more young women like her cone about.


  14. This is perfect. Every day I want my little Lollipops to know that she is kind, she is clever and she is important. Yes she is beautiful too but above all else I want her to value herself when others don’t and to know that in the face of a society that puts pressure on women, she is fabulous being herself xxx


    1. I think the most important thing is for our daughters to hear these words from us, over and over and over again. How I pray they will catch hold of that which is truly important, and understand what true beauty really is.


  15. I think it is great if a young women is happy wearing modest clothing and refraining from drinking alcohol, partying and whatnot for her entire life. However, the only thing I see wrong with this is I think it’s also okay to be young and reckless, should the girl wish to experience these things. Life is short. So put on the little shorts, if they make you feel good. So drink the alcohol and dance all night. There will come a time to grow up and it doesn’t always have to be so soon. We should be teaching not only our young men, but our young women, to RESPECT everyone no matter what they are wearing! It is not okay to teach young girls that if they dress provocatively that is their fault they are disrespected. They can wear whatever they want! Respect to all, just let them be young and crazy for once. I know this is hard to imagine our little ones doing, because they are so innocent and precious, but they are humans, and they deserve to experience life, make mistakes, grow and learn from them, all without being disrespected.


  16. Your words are soo true 🙂
    Seeking attention and peer approval motivates youngsters to try out anything and everything. Good role models are important for little kids to grow up into responsible adults, and make proper decisions in life. 😀
    Love your posts ! 🙂 🙂


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