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To the Momma of the Miscarried Child


Mother’s day: we celebrate the wonderful moms in our lives, eating, laughing, smelling flowers and consuming boxes of chocolate. . .

What about the childless mothers?

I have a friend who finally found out she was pregnant after several months of trying. This mother’s day she is mourning the loss of her child through miscarriage. To her, Sunday will be a slap in the face. A reminder of what she does not have.

To those whose hearts are broken from miscarriage this day, it is okay to weep, to mourn the barren womb.

Do not think for one second, however, this day is not just as much a celebration of you.

You are a mom. You brought a soul into eternity. A life now dancing at heaven’s gates, awaiting your arrival. You may not kiss your sweet darling’s face today, yet you are her mother, the most beautiful of mothers. You are his love, and he is forever grateful for you.

Happy mother’s day to you dear Momma, the lovely, irreplaceable woman.

Your worth is more than flowers or chocolates; you are priceless.

22 thoughts on “To the Momma of the Miscarried Child

  1. Thank you for this! I miscarried our first child about five years ago. It was just a few weeks before Mother’s Day and there are no words to describe how my grief amplified as the day drew near. Thank goodness I wasn’t active on Facebook at the time!!

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    1. Thank you for sharing this! I know there are three celebrating you this year. Happy mother’s day to you dear momma!


    1. Thank you! I have never had a miscarriage myself but thought I did with my first, to later realize she was still growing inside. Those few hours of thinking she was gone gave me a very small snippet into the awful pain of miscarriage. It is a common occurrence, with one in every four women experiencing such. I pray this day they will know their baby loves them and is celebrating them from above.

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  2. Sasha,
    This message to the mother’s of the miscarried could not be put more tenderly or delicately than what you have written here. Beautiful. I just shared your link on my facebook page, because these words are healing words. And I think any woman who has been through this needs to hear them and be healed by them. Powerful. Thank you!


    1. Rebekah, I am truly touched. It took me quite some time to write this, deleting and retyping again and again. I knew what I wanted to convey but how could I put it into words. It is such an awful experience, one we would not wish on anyone, and yet it occurs so often. It is my prayer that somehow they would find a small glimmer of hope and peace, knowing there love is dancing in heaven this mother’s day.


  3. Sasha, this post was truly heartfelt and touching in such a way words are hard to describe it. Thank you for reminding all the many women of the world that they have MUCH to look forward to.
    A beautiful post, indeed. 🙂


    1. Thank you for your kind words! This means a lot to me to hear this. Yes, sorrow strikes deep, and yet there stands the promise for a day when sorrow is no more. It is with this hope we can step on.


  4. Such a beautiful post and one that is relatable for many, myself included. My first pregnancy, just before my daughter resulted in pregnancy loss. We were blessed very soon after but it is sad how common this experience is.


    1. Thank you for sharing this Holly. I am so happy you were able to become pregnant again so quickly. I know there are two celebrating such an amazing momma!


    1. I am so sorry for her loss. Many prayers sent for comfort today. Although the pain cannot be lessened, she will forever be a mother and her precious baby is smiling down on her today.


  5. I couldn’t have said this better. A friend of mine who has been trying for some years and miscarried a lot but finally this year she celebrated her first mothers day with her little angel in her arms. So to all the ladies out there never give up Gods timing is always the best timing.

    Now i can’t even get her out of her house she is inlove with her angel.


  6. Just scheduled this to be shared on the Barren to Beautiful fb page tomorrow. I still love this one Sasha. And so many women need to hear this!


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