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Beauty at Midnight

A reminder that wherever you are in “mommyhood,” it is beautiful. Your life is beautiful.

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My Only New Year’s Resolution

She’s three. She goes to nursery school, soccer, ballet. She is most always forced to walk as I carry her little brother to and fro. She is the “big sister.” The independent one. That afternoon, she was my little girl. “Mom, do you want to come cuddle with me in your bed?” she asked. I… Continue reading My Only New Year’s Resolution

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Is This Really Your Life, Momma?

Is this what has become of me, of my life? Sweeping up cereal? So. Much. Cereal. . .  My last post went viral–viral! I often sit in complete shock as I watch the page views spiraling upward. It was featured on the New York Observer. Cloud nine–cloud nine hundred if there is one. A cloud bumped up right… Continue reading Is This Really Your Life, Momma?


VTech Toys Winner

Congrats to Megan Holt, the winner of the VTech giveaway! Selected at random, she will be receiving these four new toys in the mail very shortly. Megan, I hope your daughter and nephew will love these as much as my two kiddos do! Thanks to everyone who took the time to participate!!! I truly wish I… Continue reading VTech Toys Winner


My Favorite Thing About Blogging

Both my kids recovered from their illness (and my son’s seizure) last week. Just in time too, for the very day both fevers left we began our move. It wasn’t a far one, a literal 2 1/2 miles south in fact. A move is still a move though, and I have been swamped. We are… Continue reading My Favorite Thing About Blogging

My Heart

I am the Universal Momma

Yesterday, we were in the waiting room at the doctor’s office when the nurse popped in calling for a “Lauren.” Boston turned to me, “Oh, it is Lauren’s turn. When they say ‘Momma’ then it will be our turn!” Oh of course, we all know I am the universal momma indeed. 🙂 I was first humored,… Continue reading I am the Universal Momma


Curious George: Not Quite What I Remembered

Having adored Curious George since a young girl, I immediately jumped on board my daughter’s newest obsession with his stories. I fondly remembered so many of little George’s constant mischiefs and the way things somehow worked themselves out in the end. However, I had no recollection of how many non kid like excerpts his stories contained.… Continue reading Curious George: Not Quite What I Remembered