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At What Moment Am I No Longer the Hero?


I cannot leave a room without the sound of your little feet following close behind. You are not requiring me to hold you, play with you, or even acknowledge your presence. You simply just want to be wherever I am. From room to room we travel as one, and if ever I try to sneak away, your heart breaks for my return.

 At what moment am I no longer your hero?

At what point will I be traded in for “the guys,” made to drop you off without a good bye kiss, replaced by some pretty little thing who dares to flash me with her smile?


My precious boy, can I not just remain the hero and we can follow each other around all day?

As the years go by will I find the strength to let you go?

I do not know.

I do know just the thought of it breaks me to the core.

Someday, you will have a family of your own. Then you will understand. Then you will know why your crazy mom always wanted to be with you, to know each and every detail of your day.


Luckily, that day is not today.

Today you are still bringing those chubby little feet wherever I go.

Today I am still your world.

Today–and for as many days as you will allow–I relish in each moment of our togetherness.

Follow me as long as you wish sweet boy, and hopefully, someday, a long time from now when I am wrinkled and gray, you will think of me a hero again.



8 thoughts on “At What Moment Am I No Longer the Hero?

  1. Oh, I love that book, and I also cry! I bawled my eyes out just writing this post. Something about being a mom makes you a very emotional person. 🙂


    1. I can relate to this. As I attempt to use the restroom & have 3 Kids follow me in, I will think of this post & be happy they want to be with me.


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