The Whisper

“Momma, lay in crib! Momma, lay in crib!” he cries out to me. Both kids have been falling asleep in my own bed for a long time now. But this past week Boston suddenly decided she was ready to start out in her own bed. Pierce, however, has not been so eager about the whole transition.… Continue reading The Whisper

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I Was His First Date

His sister makes us the ever threesome. We do most everything together. This particular afternoon, however, he didn’t want to nap. And so while big sister was at school, the two of us headed over to Starbucks for some coffee and cake pops. I could see his excitement as soon as we walked into the door. He realized this afternoon was reserved for just the two of us. He couldn’t stop his smiles at me. I couldn’t stop smiling back.

I sat sipping my coffee, having “conversation” with my little man. I thought my heart might spill right over. And suddenly, I realized in that moment: I was his first date. . .

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The Sweetest Aches of Life

My sweet boy was sick. Only 30 minutes into his night rest he awoke crying. I placed him on my chest and we laid in my bed together . After quite some time of restlessness, he finally found sleep again. I carefully laid him back in his crib and stretched my limbs in relief. Shortly… Continue reading The Sweetest Aches of Life