Naked Love


She woke up crying. I ran in to find her nose spilling blood everywhere. The couch cushion, the carpet, her dress. Quickly sweeping her into my arms I ran to the bathroom where we waited for it to end. Just the two of us, her stripped down to princess underwear, feet dipped in the sink […]

Crazy Hot Sex

watermellon baby

To my dear daughter, As you grow, many boys will enter your years. They will speak words of love and passion, of wanting you–all of you. Their sex will be lacking. Believe me, dear girl, I know what crazy hot lovemaking is made of. Until the boy can assure you of the following, it is […]



She’ll never fully understand how much she is loved until the day she becomes a mother herself. But what she does know is uninhibited joy and arms forever a reach away, and that, to her, is enough…

Unfiltered Love


My daughter was born crying, and the first months of her life kept me in the best shape of mine. Sitting became somewhat of a faded memory of yesteryears. Day after day, and night after night, I would pace the floor of her tiny bedroom until a path shown itself through the carpet. But as […]

To the Ordinary Mom

mom life now

We were making our way back to the car when we saw the landscapers doing their thing. Of course we had to stop for a long time and watch them work, asking a million questions about why they did each and every task. As we finally started on our two hour journey across the parking lot […]

Breathe In Their Little


He’s well over three years old now, and yet when I look at him he is still as much my baby as the day he was born. And he really still is. A baby, that is. It seems we make kids grow up too quickly. We pound their heads with as much sensory and learning […]

Superficial Daughters


The two of us were looking in the bathroom mirror as I rushed to get ready for a somewhat important event. I looked in a bit of frustration at myself, at my unruly hair, at my face that suddenly broke out in blemishes. And my large red birthmark that gets so many comments of “your […]

Evening Sky

mom life

As I watched her dance in the beauty of last night’s sky, the thought came to me: this is her everyday world. The glasses with which she filters her life. For to her each new day is full of life and color. A fairytale to be experienced, one great hour after the next. They may […]

Mom Heart


The kids were at preschool. It was early afternoon, and my to do list still seemed to roll down the floor. I started my third cup of coffee for the day, feeling the weight of duties heavy on my shoulders. I meant to start on the laundry. Or the dishes. Or perhaps the toilet, continually […]