Evening Sky

As I watched her dance in the beauty of last night’s sky, the thought came to me: this is her everyday world. The glasses with which she filters her life. For to her each new day is full of life and color. A fairytale to be experienced, one great hour after the next. They may… Continue reading Evening Sky


Mom Heart

The kids were at preschool. It was early afternoon, and my to do list still seemed to roll down the floor. I started my third cup of coffee for the day, feeling the weight of duties heavy on my shoulders. I meant to start on the laundry. Or the dishes. Or perhaps the toilet, continually… Continue reading Mom Heart


Blasphemous Love

To love and to be loved. We all crave it. Were created for it. Daily, we give it. Moment by moment we express it. We show it through wiping bums and cutting the crust off their bread. Through late nights and middle of the nights, and early mornings, and all the crazy hours in between. Through… Continue reading Blasphemous Love

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My Name is Momma

Hello, My name is Momma. Momma noun| adjective|verb Passion. Joy. Fear. Hope. Heartache. Tears. Laughter. Dancing. Worry. Faith. Wonder. Love–all consuming love. ~~~~~~~~~~ I am more than a face. More than a pretty dress. More than dinner on the table. I am weak, and yet so strong. I fail, but I keep getting up. I… Continue reading My Name is Momma


Naked Love

She woke up crying. I ran in to find her nose spilling blood everywhere. The couch cushion, the carpet, her dress. Quickly sweeping her into my arms I ran to the bathroom where we waited for it to end. Just the two of us, her stripped down to princess underwear, feet dipped in the sink… Continue reading Naked Love

Real and Raw

Pockets of Light

Today they shut down all of Los Angeles schools due to a bomb threat. I don’t live in LA, but I am not all too far separated from it. And as I read about the threats this morning I felt that darkness creeping in. That engulfing darkness…   When I first started taking photos of… Continue reading Pockets of Light


Mass Shooting Next Door

We were at Disneyland when I received the text from my sister: “Are you close to the shooting??” “What??? Shooting???????” “It may be terrorist. Many are dead. The shooters have gotten away heavily armed.” I live one hour from there. My husband drove through that very area just the night before. I felt my heart… Continue reading Mass Shooting Next Door