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Survival of the Fittest

Bribes, compromises, negotiations, empty threats: Is it not what this whole mommy thing is made up of? We do not have a 9-5 kind of life, we do not even have double shift weekends. Ours is 24/7, ready to drop everything for someone else’s needs. It is wonderful, it is beautiful, it is the greatest… Continue reading Survival of the Fittest


8 Proofs You Belong to a Toddler:

1. Your daughter runs out of the public restroom to loudly announce she just pooped, and you respond with a cheer of praise. 2. You drop something at the check out lane and tell the cashier “Oopsy!” 3. People staring at you doesn’t phase you in the least. You were over that around the one… Continue reading 8 Proofs You Belong to a Toddler: