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Eating Like the French Kids: No More Snacking

I have been completely inspired by some new readings I discovered recently about how the French (particularly their children) eat. I wouldn’t say my two toddlers were bad eaters. However, we had slowly been becoming more and more lax, and I noticed meal time consisting of them picking at their plates for a few short minutes before… Continue reading Eating Like the French Kids: No More Snacking

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The Most Important Thing You Can Do For Her

“Boston,” I ask, “Will you be my best friend forever?”
“Even when your 16?”
“Yes, forever and ever!”

I feel the tears begin to burn. I wonder, what really lies ahead for us?

What will life throw at her? In what ways will it try to break her dear form? The thoughts begin to consume me to the point of deep heartache. How I long to keep her sheltered from all the cruelty of this world. If only I could be her protecter forever and ever. . .

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You’re Doing a Good Job Mom

“My head hangs lower and I begin to cry. I need to try harder, to be more disciplined, more structured. I somehow need to find more energy. This coffee isn’t cutting it anymore. I am tired. I am spent. I am a failure and the day is only half through. The tears begin to flow faster.

Then, I stop to look around. . .”