Curious George: Not Quite What I Remembered

Having adored Curious George since a young girl, I immediately jumped on board my daughter’s newest obsession with his stories. I fondly remembered so many of little George’s constant mischiefs and the way things somehow worked themselves out in the end.¬†However, I had no recollection of how many non kid like excerpts his stories contained.… Continue reading Curious George: Not Quite What I Remembered

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The Sweetest Aches of Life

My sweet boy was sick. Only 30 minutes into his night rest he awoke crying. I placed him on my chest and we laid in my bed together . After quite some time of restlessness, he finally found sleep again. I carefully laid him back in his crib and stretched my limbs in relief. Shortly… Continue reading The Sweetest Aches of Life

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Someone Much Bigger to Hold My Hand

I still remember the very first boy crush who was so bold as to grab my hand. His was sweaty, clammy, and a bit bony, but I was okay with that. Crush after crush I found, hand after hand I touched, and yet never has one been so perfect as yours. To hold your hand… Continue reading Someone Much Bigger to Hold My Hand