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Screaming at Life

Last night I broke. I lost it, completely. It was past midnight. Still, I could not shut my brain down, and this time it went right back to my son’s seizure. I had been trying so hard to stay strong ever since. Both my kids were now sick (Pierce shared his fever with his sister). They… Continue reading Screaming at Life

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Grasping at Moments

Pierce had a seizure this morning. Of all places to be, we were sitting with his pediatrician for his well check up. I had no idea he had even the slightest temperature. He was acting very sleepy, his head resting on my chest. Suddenly, he flung back, his eyes rolled, and his body began jerking uncontrollably.… Continue reading Grasping at Moments

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Someone Much Bigger to Hold My Hand

I still remember the very first boy crush who was so bold as to grab my hand. His was sweaty, clammy, and a bit bony, but I was okay with that. Crush after crush I found, hand after hand I touched, and yet never has one been so perfect as yours. To hold your hand… Continue reading Someone Much Bigger to Hold My Hand


Is God Not as Big as I Was Told?

Was I told a lie? Are you not as big as they said? Are You really a bit more, well, human like, than I was made to believe? We were at the San Francisco Bay when my little girl fell on the wood pier. We quickly spotted two deep splinters in her hand and tried to remove… Continue reading Is God Not as Big as I Was Told?

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Love in the Middle of Vomit

  My sweet Boston came down with an awful bug for the first time in her life. She had been sleeping in our bed with us (yes, I did just admit that), when my husband and I both jumped up at the awful sound of her vomiting. The rest of the night consisted of three… Continue reading Love in the Middle of Vomit