To the Ordinary Mom

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We were making our way back to the car when we saw the landscapers doing their thing. Of course we had to stop for a long time and watch them work, asking a million questions about why they did each and every task. As we finally started on our two hour journey across the parking lot once more, I asked my son if that is what he wanted to do when he grew up.

“No mom! Remember, I’m going to drive a cement truck.”  

“But Pierce,” my daughter interjected, “I thought you were going to drive a dump truck.”

“No Boston, that is too stinky. I’m going to drive a cement truck now.” 

“Well, I’m going to do the best job of all!” She stopped walking, again, to look right at me. I half way listened while the other half of me tried to figure out how I could get them to keep walking and finally reach the glorious air conditioning awaiting us.

“I’m not going to do anything!”

I stopped walking this time as well, wondering what she meant.

“I’m just going to stay with my kids all day long. Because that’s the best job!” She beamed at me. And my heart spilled right out onto that hot pavement. My beautiful, perfect girl who I just know will change the world, wanted nothing more than to be just like me.

Ordinary me. Flawed me.

I don’t do anything spectacular, and I don’t have any crazy talents.  I’m often scattered brained and sloppy, with big ideas that often never follow through. But I’m her mom, and to her that is enough.

It’s always enough…

It’s why the toys end up in whatever room you occupy. Why you’re not aloud to use the bathroom alone. The reason you can’t get anything done without being interrupted two billion and one times, and the explanation of their running and embracing you like it’s been months, when you snuck out on your solo grocery store run last Saturday.

It’s why they hold your hand a little tighter when entering a new place. Because you aren’t just their mom, you’re their biggest supporter, their source of bravery. Warm arms of comfort and kisser of disappearing boo boos. The one they know will always be there for them, no matter what.

It’s the minutes that lead into hours and days and years; the time you spend together… Ordinary you, who spends so many ordinary moments with them. Moments that no one else may ever see as important. Many moments that even your kids themselves will forget.

But they will not forget your love. They only see your love; your heart that beats for them. And when they look at you, it’s everything they want to be.

So keep moving forward in life, and keep trying to find a solution to faster walkers in the parking lot. But mostly, just keep being ‘Mom.’ Nothing extra ordinary or jaw dropping required.


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