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Get Naked


To my daughter,

Someday you will meet the man of your dreams. You will get married, and have lots of fun. You will leave the lights on in the night hours, confidently walking before him. You will strut and you will stride, knowing you are beautiful. Because you are his bride. He chose you, and there you will lie, without any shame.

Then, you will have a baby, or two, or three. The thing is, babies have this way of pulling and stretching and scaring your body. Toddlers are even worse, transforming that once put together woman into a sweaty, frizzy haired mess come end of day.

You will be happy, sweet girl. Oh, so happy. For nothing in life compares to being “momma.”

But at night, you may now want the lights turned off. And your old strut around the room will have lost some confidence.

You will see the flaws, the sags, the scars, the sweat. Hair in desperate need of washing, and droopy make-up you are simply too tired to take off.

You will drag yourself into bed, those lovely yoga pants in place.

No, not the tight booty ones. The ones you have had for fifty million years that now have next to no elastic and simply sit on your hips as though you are wearing nothing. Oh, how comfy those things are!

And your husband will look at you, dear girl. You, with saggy boobs, scarred belly, plagued skin. You, with unwashed hair.

But he will not see the flaws. He will not even see the mother of his children. He will look longingly on his wife. The one he fought for. The one he still fights for.

He will see beauty.

Because to him, you truly are.

When he says you are perfect, he means it. Because although somedays all it seems you are is “mom,” you are still his bride. And he still chooses you.

He loves you–all of you.

Love isn’t super model legs or Pantene Pro-V hair.

Love is grabbing ahold of your best friend’s hand, and not letting anything pull it away. Love is she who stood by him through the good and bad. Love is looking deep into her beautiful soul.

Leave the lights on sometimes, dear girl. Get naked for the one who still finds you captivating, even after babies.

You are forever his bride.

Go get your sexy on.



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9 thoughts on “Get Naked

  1. I hope that some day your daughter takes these words to heart and believes in them. It is very hard sometimes, though after 15 years and three babies my husband still tells me I’m beautiful every day. I wish I could see what he sees. 🙂 I think I’d be a rock star if I looked like that for real!


  2. I needed this today, Sasha. In fact, just last night I was fretting over this. I’m pregnant and my fit body is slowly becoming less lean, due to lack of energy. I see myself in the mirror and feel less and less confident. But this… This reminded me that when my husband says “hey, gorgeous…” multiple times a day he means it! Thank you for this. Now I need a tissue for these wet eyes 🙂


    1. Thank you for sharing this Marla! I think it is something we don’t talk about often enough. But I can only imagine how cute you really are in your pregnant belly. 😉


  3. Your words are so very true but so hard to hear past negative self talk. I just posted something similar on my own page and it took me two months to write. But I am very happy I did, and I am so glad you shared this. It’s imperative that we build our sisters up! Women are never stronger than when we are united, and never weaker than when we let things tear us apart. Once again this was an amazing post! Thanks for sharing.


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