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Beauty at Midnight


She is the one walking about with a secret she wishes to shout to the world. She glows,Β completely happy with her glass of simple water. And as the crowd roars in the New Year she looks down at her still flat stomach. She gently rests her hand upon it, and allows the sweet tears to fall.

Her life is beautiful.

She is the one sitting in the rocking chair. The chair which has become a staple of her life these days. She catches the time out of the corner of her half sleeping eyes. Her eyes awaken for just a moment as she smiles at the life nestled in her arms. She kisses the little face in celebration of a new year together.

Her life is beautiful.

She is the one covered in glitter and peanut butter. Too tired to even shower, she collapsed in bed long before midnight. Now she is awakened by a crying toddler next to her. A nightmare. Warm milk. She sees the kitchen clock turn to 12 and whispers warm wishesΒ toΒ her sleepy faced child. They welcome in the new year cuddled together in bed.

Her life is beautiful.

She is the one opening the sparkling cider for those wide eyed kids of hers. The ones who have been doing everything possible to keep those eyes opened for this special night. She filled it with games and fun. Now she is screaming along with them, banging those pots and pans. She laughs at the sight of it all.

Her life is beautiful.

She is the one trying to keep her mind busy. Trying not to worry about the daughter who is celebrating with friends this night. She spots a photo, one from many years back. She smiles through misty eyes, so proud of who her sweet girl has become. She embraces the new year, the many adventures awaiting them.

Her life is beautiful.

She is the one with slippers and hot tea, peaking in on those sleeping angels in the next room. She played her grandchildren right to sleep while giving their mom the opportunity to do some celebrating of her own. She smiles at those angels. She smiles at life. She welcomes in another year with a grateful soul.

Her life is beautiful.

Whatever stage you are in dear momma, remember to relish the moments, to embrace the seasons. Happy New Year to you–no matter where you are this midnight. Your life is beautiful.Β 

41 thoughts on “Beauty at Midnight

  1. It’s odd how something as hard as motherhood is also such a beautiful thing. It’s not so easy to see when you’re son pees on you during a 3am diaper change, but when is snuggled back to sleep in your arms the beauty becomes apparent once again πŸ™‚


  2. Thanks for putting into better words than I could why I don’t make New Year’s resolutions. Happy New Year, Sasha. πŸ™‚


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