Crazy Mom Passion


“It is obvious that we can no more explain a passion to a person who has never experienced it than we can explain light to the blind.”  ~T. S. Eliot

Motherhood. Passion beyond passion. Love taking over your heart, soul, and mind. You live and breathe, breathe and live for these little one placed in your care.

Sometimes I feel I cannot even do the breathing part of it. They simply take it right away.

It is in the impromptu cuddle from my son in the midst of his busy play, the three year old small talk with my daughter. The seemingly mundane, insignificant moments–passions unexplainable to anyone else.

It is why I look at the woman with the rounded belly and smile. I want to shout to her, “Get ready for the greatest thing imaginable!” It is why I look at my sleep deprived, peanut butter covered life and smile, wishing for nothing else.

It is passion only a mother will ever understand.

Some may think I am crazy to chose this life, to spend my every day right next to them. To give up so much of myself, my dreams, my ambitions. To live with someone else’s needs always before mine.

Some may think I am crazy, but how can I explain light to the blind?

How can I explain the depth of these two warm bodies cuddled up next to mine this evening? How will I ever articulate the feeling of listening to their breath, watching their chests rise and fall, imagining their sweet dreams?

Motherhood. Passion beyond passion.

48 thoughts on “Crazy Mom Passion

  1. I love the way you describe the simple, yet beautiful parts of parenthood. Peanut butter covered life: that describes me right now, very well.

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    1. My kids eat the stuff by the spoonful. In fact each morning it has somehow become a tradition–a spoonful of peanut butter with breakfast. I seem to find the stuff everywhere! Only another mom can find the beauty in that. 🙂

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  2. Lately, we’ve had some rough nights. I’m so very tired. There’s this part of me that just wants a break, and then I see his little face, curious & impish eyes & my heart swells. Love is greater than exhaustion. And this kind of love is all consuming. But you are right–only a mother would understand. Beautiful post!

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    1. Keri, I know exactly what you mean! One look at those big eyes and you know how much it is all worth it.

      Still though, here’s hoping for a good night’s sleep soon!! 🙂


  3. I love your enthusiasm…..I think you’re definitely on the greatest journey of your life and to those that can’t understand….they’ve missed the whole point!

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  4. It’s the “mundane” parts of every day that are the best—but also the most fleeting and hardest to capture. Today my daughter fell asleep lying on me but only once she fit two fingers in my belly button. She also learned the word “run” and demonstrated for us all afternoon. I hope to always remember, and always revel in, these kinds of moments.


  5. Motherhood is crazy and yet beautiful in the crazy times. My little one has been good to mommy because now he sleeps trough the night. But when he wouldn’t I did not mind staying up with him and looking at him while he just layer down and looked around our dark room. It’s all worth it at the end the sleepless night are made up by the little giggles, the random hugs and kisses and just every little thing they do.


  6. I LOVE being a mom – if I had known how much I love it I would have started earlier and had more children. It can be difficult always, always having someone’s needs come before your own but I think it is helping me grow as a person – I hope I am apply some of the selflessness I have learned as a mom to the rest of my life and relationships.


    1. When I think of my life pre-children, it seems to be so full of selfishness. They take it right out of you! I too hope to live this way in all areas of my life. Thanks for pointing this out!! 🙂


  7. I’ve only been a mom for 12 weeks, but I was filled with this motherhood passion the moment my son was born. It’s so intense a passion, and impossible to describe. Only another mom could understand. For now it is the biggest drive of my life.


    1. Congrats momma!! I know exactly what you mean. The moment they placed my daughter in my arms I felt I could not contain the love and passion inside of me. Enjoy each moment and watch as the passion somehow grows more and more each day. 🙂


  8. Some people used to look at my husband and me as if our lives were ending because we were becoming parents (even more so with #2 on her way) but to tell you the truth, our lives began when our daughter was born. There’s a new sense of motivation that’s really indescribable. And the love… Oh the love they give you! My husband and I always talk about how there’s this little place in your heart that you don’t even realize exists until your children are born. And that’s because they hold a unique key to unlocking that part of your heart… ❤ Being a parent truly is one of the greatest blessings and gifts in the world.

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    1. I love this Megan!! I too feel like my life truly began when they first laid my daughter in my arms, unlocking that place inside me I knew not existed. You described it perfectly! 💓💕

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  9. Right now through the terrible 2s with twin boys I live for the smiles, kisses, and funny things that come out of their mouths. It’s a roller coaster – undulating passion for motherhood throughout my day. But I have a blessed love, my greatest accomplishment.


  10. Ah, you stir up such memories when I read your posts! In my humble opinion, I truly began to understand “unconditional” love when my boys were born. Trust me when I say that the “empty nest” comes soon enough! I would still lay down in front of an on coming train for them and it is wonderful to see that the time I invested in them as a mommy worked out okay for everyone…they are awesome men and husbands and now we are having fun being just a couple again! Bless all of you sweet mommies!


    1. I love to hear this! How the passion does not fade but with time you are somehow able to release them. Also, what a testimony of you and the hubby keeping the love strong! 🙂


  11. I love your opening quote and the way you relate it to being a mother. It’s so true! Even the “dark” part of motherhood – feeling overwhelmed, not knowing what to do next – is filled with love and passion. 😉


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