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To the Unloved Child


I was in an awful dream involving some pungent oder I could not leave. I woke to discover my daughter laying next to me, bits of the brown stuff laying beside her. I quickly stumbled out of bed to grab wipes and discovered a trail of it, beginning at my sheets and traveling down the hall to the bathroom floor.  At 1AM it was almost more than I could handle.

Finally finishing the clean up, I crawled into bed beside my girl and asked what happened. Her sweet reply:

“I’m so sorry mom! I couldn’t find the stool (she cannot reach the toilet without it). I’m so sorry mom!”

My heart immediately went out to my sweet little two year old who had tried so hard to make it in time. She was so sorry, upset, for something in no way her fault.

I held her close to me and explained everything was fine. She closed her precious eyes, falling back into her dreams.

I laid there, suddenly feeling an overwhelming heartache. I began to think of other children, ones who would not have been treated so kindly after the incident. Ones who would have trembled in fear.

My heart broke for them that night. It is still breaking today. I cannot get them off my mind. When I look at my own sweet loves, the mere thought of someone treating them with cruelty makes me sick to my stomach.


To the precious ones who are not met with cuddles and reassurance, to the sweet faces who know not what love even means: how I long to wrap you up, far away from the pain and sorrow. My heart screams for you to know how much your really worth, how amazing and special are are.

The ones who tell or show you otherwise, they are unworthy of you. You deserve so much more–a world of love and happiness, of security and laughter.

I weep for you, and yet what good are my tears?

I am praying for you, praying with everything in me that someway, somehow you will find love. You will be rescued by the arms of one who longs to give you the world you deserve.

How could anyone be so cruel, so evil?

God of all that is good and just, send someone I pray.

Someway, somehow, send a rescuer.



56 thoughts on “To the Unloved Child

  1. Oh Sasha, this is a poignant piece. I love it and at the same time, wish it never had to be written. I join you in those prayers and hug my sweet girls a little tighter when these dark thoughts roll in. Wish I could hold all the children of the world some days, and I just place my faith that God does it for me


  2. I know this ache, Sasha. What good are your tears? I wish I had the actual answer, but I only have hope. Hope is enough for me most days, other days I want actual answers. Our tears are bottled, saved by the One who loves us. Maybe there is a someone, a little one somewhere that had no one to offer up a prayer at 1am. And your experience served a most holy purpose, one you cannot know today. That is my hope. Yes. I ache with you. Squeeze your little ones for me today! And thank you for this post.


    1. Becky, thank you so much for sharing this. You have no idea how much your words have touched me, in such hope I was praying for someone who really needed this prayer that night. I will continue praying and hoping that many hurting children will be found by someone who will give them the love they deserve.

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    1. I am so glad to hear you say this Madison. I would love to be able to do this someday. I weep every time I hear of another friend who has rescued a hurting life. What an honor to be one of them.


  3. Aaaww. I feel the same way. When I am on Facebook sometimes, and I see the posts published by the WACA (War against Child Abuse) page, it just hurts me so much. Children are even dying because of such cruelty. I just feel so helpless sometimes, but I know my prayers for the poor little ones who have to endure the misconduct of their parents are heard…that’s comforts me. Children should be cherished. Great post Sasha!

    Sophia —


    1. There is so much evil in this world and oftentimes I just prefer to shut it out all and stay in my happy little bubble. These children do not have this option. We will stand in prayer together today. Thanks Sophia!

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  4. Beautiful! Your daughter has a wonderful mom with a tender heart. I never would have made the connection from my child to one who isn’t loved and protected. Are you the one being sent to help?


    1. Thank you for your kind words Rebekah. I would love to be this person someday. I am starting to look into some ways I can help now, even if in a small way. When my children are older I hope to become even more involved.


  5. My prayers will join yours for those little ones today. Makes my heart break to think of little ones who are ignored or met with harsh words (or worse) instead of the love & respect they deserve.


  6. This is absolutely heartfelt and beautiful. I have done the same thing especially after reading stories on the internet about little ones being neglected. It breaks my heart. You are doing an amazing job. 🙂


    1. Thank you for your kind words Margot. It was always something which upset me but never as much as now that I look at my own children. It has become my daily pray they will someday find love.


  7. As a teenager, I was sleeping over at the house of a family I was babysitting for when I was wakened to the sound of little girl who lived there (4 or 5 years old?) screaming and crying while her father yelled at and spanked her for wetting the bed. I was horrified and afraid to move or show that I was awake. I never went back and never forgot that night. This post reminds me of that poor little girl and the regret that I didn’t do something to stop the father.


  8. I was actually thinking about this on my way home from work today. My husband brought my little girl down to have lunch with me while I was at work. Her leaving leaves me feeling just a little sad and empty. I became aware of how much time and energy I spend thinking about her and wondered if that was what it was like for all parents.

    My conclusion is that it is not. The beauty and wonder that is my daughter overwhelms me daily. So much so I have a hard time crawling out of bed every morning (we co-sleep so she is RIGHT there in the morning). I couldn’t even find words to explain how my daughter stops me in my tracks and makes my breathe catch with her little smile. And I knew that there is no way a person who yells uncontrollably, abuses, neglects, or otherwise belittles there child could feel that way. We aren’t talking those who are suffering from extreme depression or other mental illness – but those who just don’t care.

    I don’t understand how that can happen.


    1. It seems they do not care for their heart has somehow been made much too hard. I love to hear your story though, one of love and happiness, of cuddles and lunch dates. It is a ray of sunshine in the midst of such a stormy post. Thank you for sharing this!


  9. Beautiful Sasha! I love how you are bringing awareness to the unloved. I can’t even fathom how many there are of these precious babes. (I am glad you are there for yours though.) May God bring the rescuers, and use us in any way to be the rescuers to these kids as well. It makes me think of Isaiah 58;) Keep writing your heart, it is alive, full of His fire and beauty.


    1. Rebekah, thank you so much for reminding me of Isaiah. I just read over it and was brought so much encouragement. As much as our hearts break for these sweet children, His heart is longing for their deliverance even more! The point of all our “holy” acts is but to bring help and hope to those in need. Yes, God, may we be used as the rescuers as well, in any way we can!


  10. Aww this made me cry. It breaks me too thinking of such precious little innocent beings not getting the love my own child has. I work in corrections but refuse to work in a centre that has people convicted with anything against children (or animals… I have an issue with that too). But that’s yet another reason I’m going back to uni for my teaching degree. Hubby said today do you really think you will enjoy snotty nose kids everyday & my response was while some days will be hard, I want to be able to bring some joy in their lives through positive learning & happy memories to give them a good start. Maybe that’s a bit unrealistic but I will try.


    1. Holly, you have no idea how happy I am you are choosing to be a teacher. I believe it is one of the most important jobs in all the world. Shoot big lady, go bring some joy, love, and hope to those students–better to aim for the sun and hit the moon than never try at all!


  11. I hear ya! Just last night I had a similar conversation with y husband while making dinner, together, as a family, with our son. Unfortunately our neighbors don’t appear to be as fun-loving and understanding. We made dinner with windows open, dancing and playing with our son while one of the daughters screamed and cried out of her bedroom window, and later sat on their front stoop alone. Although I do not know the reason for her unsettlement, I couldn’t help but think that as she states across at my family that she may wish if only for a few moments that night to be in our family, having fun in the kitchen with her parents. I had to close our windows and curtains because it hurt me to watch her.
    So I hear you loud and clear!


    1. In the midst of sorrow for those mistreated how I love to hear your story of dinner and dancing with your little one. He is a lucky little guy who will only know a childhood of love and joy.


    1. Yes, it is such a horrendous act, one I like not to think about, and yet these children have no choice but to think about it daily. Thank you for reading and sending up a prayer this evening.


  12. My heart just broke a little. It’s true they can be such frustrating little beings to take care of sometimes, yet usually they’re trying so hard and it’s good to pause and remember that (fifteen times a day, as necessary). Definitely with you in wishing unloved children something more for their future.


    1. Yes, my daughter’s situation really showed me how I need to find out what was going on in her mind before jumping to my own conclusions. Thank you for your support in this post.


  13. This is beautiful! And a reminder to me of exactly why I have always had a heart for children who need a home, who need love. I loved this so much. This post is going to have me up thinking and praying all night, I can tell.


  14. Beautiful, gut-wrenching post. I, too, pray for all those poor neglected, unloved babies. May their Heavenly Father put someone in their path to teach them about His love. He can heal their hurt. Makes me hug my babies tighter!


  15. Thank you for a very touching post! It’s so beautifully written. I’m now in the process of potty train my toddler and this definitely makes me wonder if I have made some mistakes along the way…


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