Me Vs. the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills


Returning from our trip to Los Angeles where we toured the famous Beverly Hills, I jumped on the band wagon for a few weeks, watching The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. I mostly wanted to see if I recognized any of the areas. I quickly realized, however, their life as a “housewife” is much different than my own.

1. The Shopping

Housewives: They wear only the best, sporting top designer outfits I only drool over in magazines.

Me: I am a regular at Target’s t-shirt rack. . . My son throws up all over my $8 pair of Target leggings. I am a happy momma (well, not happy to be vomited on), for I can choose to throw them in the wash or be done with them altogether.

If I was wearing designer jeans my reaction would have probably been much different.


2. The Restaurants 

Housewives: They wine and dine at all the upscale resturants–the one’s where you have to make a reservation before hand, drop your car off with the valet, and no children are seen.

Me: I frequent Chick-fil-A and any Mcdonalds which hasn’t yet done away with the play place. My children play so hard they pass out for a nap as soon as we arrive home. I just said both my children are sleeping.

There is nothing more wonderful than a chicken sandwich and fries!


3. The Salon

Housewives: They are regulars at the nicest of salons–hair, nails, facials, massages–you name it, they have experienced it.

Me: My two year old and I gave each other pedicures in my tiny little bathroom, she sitting on the toilet, me on the tile floor. In the middle of it all she told me “Mom, this makes me so happy. You are best my friend (words in this order).”

I would not trade this moment in my bathroom for the nicest salon in all the world.


4. The Surgeries

Housewives: Many of the housewives have had cosmetic surgeries done to both their faces and voluptuous places. They are gorgeous human beings and if I spotted one at the store I know I would gawk.

Me: I stare at my reflection thinking of all the things I wish I could change. My daughter sees me looking in the mirror and exclaims, “Mom, you look beautiful!!”

 I may not be a model, but today I am beautiful to the one who really matters.


I do not look down on the Beverly Hill’s housewives. They are successful individuals and I say go women power! However, I am not a real housewife of Beverly Hills. I am a real housewife of reality, and the reality is life is wonderful.

I do not need millions of dollars, designer clothes, or a giant bathroom (although I do secretly wish for a bigger one someday). I simply need to realize the beauty of what is right in front of me, demanding my attention 20 hours a day (or so it seems). Their worth cannot be named. They are incomparable, priceless, and I am the happiest housewife in all the world, Target t-shirts and all.

40 thoughts on “Me Vs. the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

  1. Very nice….no Fantasyland for you! You don’t need it, you’re living the dream (vomit and all)!


    1. Haha, yes, vomit and all! 🙂 It is so true though: it is not our surroundings which determine our happiness but the way we choose to look at them!


  2. They recently aired the first season of Housewives of Melbourne here in Australia and those women were so far from the average housewife. Most if not all of them had cleaners, no kids or grown up kids and other assistance to make them very unlike an actual housewife. Money makes people a little crazy. I prefer to be a real life real housewife 😉


    1. Haha, yes, either money or too many surgeries I suppose! 🙂 I guess I will say I am much happier than they are with their housecleaners because I am getting lots of exercise doing it myself. . . this one would be a lie though–I would LOVE to have a housecleaner! 😉


  3. Love this blog post! When reality is compared to the housewives it becomes an extreme. We don’t get to see the real side of their life: extreme unhappiness, fear of age and loneliness.


    1. Thank you Mrs Carter! It’s amazing how one little sentence or even a few broken up words can melt our hearts and make our days all worth it!


  4. If only the world were interested in a TV series with sane folks full of gratitude for the most important things in life. Alas, it will not sell to the masses. But all you need do is please those itty bitty munchkins. And look at the applause they give you in return. Love in spades.
    Beautiful post!


  5. Love, Love LOVE this!!! I agree, I’d much rather have my life right now than to have all the stress & drama they go through all the time. Your kids are just adorable 🙂


    1. Aw, thank you! Yes, we live a much more quiet life! I should have mentioned I go out without a stitch of makeup and do not fear having my picture taken by a million paparazzi and posted in magazines all over America. 😉


  6. Love this and the my daughter said the same thing to me when we were doing crafts… You remind me of me… What state do you live in btw?


    1. Oh, how fun!! Perhaps we are kindred souls. 🙂 Little girls are the best thing ever; they know exactly what to say to melt the heart. I am making it my goal to still be the “best my friend” in the teen years.


    1. Thanks Aimee! She loves having pink toes so much I can pretty much get her to do anything if I agree to a pedicure afterwords. This was the first time she responded with such affection from it though. Needless to say, we will doing a lot of future pedicures! 🙂


    1. Thanks, painting nails with a girly little two year old hasn’t quite a comparison.

      True, I spend morning to dusk with my little rascals and yet I wouldn’t trade the time with them for all the world.


  7. I am really enjoying your blog! I never read blogs (besides the links posted on Facebook etc) until randomly downloading the WordPress app a week ago. This is a fun little community! Inspiring and encouraging.


        1. I did and I just purchased one!! Although I love doing our nails together my husband was always giving me a hard time “OH, I can smell the awful fumes!!” 🙂 Now it is a win/win!! Thanks for the referral!


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